How to Make Your Marketing More Environmentally Friendly

All businesses know how important marketing is to their growth and success. From reaching out to new potential customers to making sure that your current customers know that you value and appreciate them, marketing serves a lot of purposes for your company. 

However, marketing is largely regarded as one of the most wasteful sectors, and every industry in today’s society should be making a conscious effort to live a more sustainable life. This makes it is important to consider how you can manage the reputation of your brand, and make the necessary changes to your marketing strategies to show that your company cares about the planet. 

Rethink your promotional merchandise ideas

One of the reasons why marketing has gained such a bad reputation for being environmentally damaging is because of the popular, but often wasteful, promotion merchandise that it generates. While of course, we all love a freebie, over the last few years marketing has led to a lot of throwaway plastic which is damaging to the environment. 


We would recommend that you rethink the promotional merchandise that you should use, and opt for environmentally friendly alternatives. There are some fantastic, and sustainable products you can use instead like reusable coffee cups with your branding, tote bags which are a great way to avoid using plastic, and recyclable notebooks/pens. 


Be more conscious of your environment

As a business, you can still run an array of marketing campaigns like you have done in the past, but you can also be more conscious of working with suppliers and solutions that are mindful of the environment. There are marketing solution companies out there that are also considering how they can be more environmentally friendly and help other businesses make the necessary changes to their marketing resources. 


For example, we asked senior account manager Emma Ramsey what sustainable marketing materials Kolorcraft can offer. Emma told us that they make their marketing is as environmentally friendly as possible by using responsibly sourced materials. Kolocraft’s sustainable marketing solutions means that your marketing department can continue to grow and develop your business without putting a greater strain on the planet. 


Ramp up your eCommerce

To help make your marketing more environmentally friendly you should also aim to get as much of your marketing online as possible. Long gone are the days of handing out leaflets as a way to introduce new people to your business, and now posting on social media can have a much better and less environmentally damaging effect. 


A great way to do this is to make it easier for potential customers to make purchases via your website by expanding your eCommerce capabilities. While this may require some level of investment, it is a simple way to help the environment as well as cut down on costs and transportation emissions that add considerably to your company’s carbon footprint


By following the tips and advice we have shared above, you can make some much-needed changes to your marketing campaigns so that they can be just as successful without causing added pressure to our already suffering environment.