Essential Kitchen Equipment for Home and Restaurants

When opening a new restaurant or moving to a completely new kitchen, you must have a checklist to reduce the strain of having to find out that you have forgotten to include some of the most essential kitchen items or gadgets in your budget. In this regard, this list highlights some of the most essential kitchen equipment for home and restaurants below:

Refrigeration equipment

To prevent your food, especially the perishables, or those that go bad quickly, you must invest in good refrigeration equipment to avoid the loss of getting your items spoilt all the time. There are different types and sizes of refrigeration equipment and you need to find one that is enough and suitable for your restaurant or home kitchen. For restaurants, you can check on the larger commercial refrigerators.

Knives set

Of course, you cannot avoid the chopping or cutting of vegetables, or fruits, or anything that needs to be cut in the kitchen. For restaurants in most cases, you need to have steak knives, and other different sets of knives to help you when you need them. Among other types of knives that are common for every kitchen are the chef knives.


For a large restaurant, you may also need to invest in a good number of ovens to make the cooking work easy. Some of the most important or necessary ovens that you should consider should include convection ovens, combination ovens, conveyor ovens, and pizza ovens. It depends on what your restaurant is all about.


Food mixers are also important and essential equipment for restaurants. Of course, you will find different types of mixers on the market, both manual and electric. Some of the essential ones that you will need for a restaurant include the hand mixers, floor mixers, and countertop mixers just to mention but a few.

Dicer and cuber machine

There are some food items that you will want to dice and some to make cubes such as potatoes, onions, or other vegetables and fruits. In this regard, if you are dealing with potatoes, you may need to get one of the best potato dicer cuber machine to help you in making potato cubes. Of course, there are other pieces of equipment that can serve a related purpose such as vegetable slicers.

Grilling equipment

For any restaurant, you need to have a piece of grilling equipment for your customers to enjoy the best-roasted products. You can consider getting either gas or electric grill equipment depending on your preference, convenience, or costs.


You need to have a decent microwave as an essential item on your list. You may not do without this since most of the time, you will need to warm some foods for your customers. Therefore, getting the best microwave for your restaurant would save a lot on the costs and the time that you can spend on warming food.

Other essentials

of course, we may not exhaust on listing all items that you need for your kitchen restaurant due to different preferences. However, some of the other essentials that you may need to add to your list should include ice makers, sharpening stones, storage containers, serving ware, storage racks, cutting boards, and safety equipment among others.

We hope that this checklist is helpful for planning your new restaurant equipment essentials.