Essential Step to Take Following a Bike Accident

No matter how safe you are while riding your bicycle, there is a history of bicyclists getting involved in an accident with motorists. Any wrong step taken after the accident can harm your compensation claim and how well you protect your rights. 

Knowing what you should do following a bike accident can help you control the situation and protect yourself and your fellow injured mates. However, the first step should be to hire a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer and let the lawyer assist you on the case. 

Below are a few additional steps you should take. 


  • Inform the police about the incident and wait for them to arrive: 


Immediately call and report to the police about the accident even if you feel that you did not incur any injury. Sometimes the internal injury is not visible immediately after the accident and can occur after days, weeks, or months online furniture shopping. Please wait for the police to arrive to tell them about your side of the story and determine the at-fault driver. These police reports will also help in your compensation claim. 


  • Avoid accepting fault, apologizing, or negotiating with the driver: 


Even if the driver apologizes, do not negotiate. You may never know the extent of your physical injuries and damages, and the driver may deny the blame later. 


  • Document everything: 


After moving to the safe side:

  • Document everything about the incident.
  • Note down how the incident happened and how it happened, including the date and timings.
  • Take pictures of the injuries and the damages. This will later help in filing for compensation. 


  • Take information of the driver and witnesses: 


It is crucial to note down all the information of the driver to track down later. Additionally, if there are people around who saw the accident, take their statements about the accident. This will exceptionally support your claim. 


  • Seek medical attention: 


If anyone is injured, including you, call the medical emergency helpline number immediately. If you feel that you are totally fine, it is better to let a doctor examine you and find out if there are any internal injuries. These reports will also serve as significant evidence for getting compensation. 


  • Contact a lawyer: 


No matter how easy everything looks, getting compensation is a complex procedure. There are high chances that the opposite driver will have an attorney by his side who will try his best to defend the blame furniture shop in mumbai. To ensure you get the deserving compensation, it is crucial to have an attorney who can take your case forward and ensure that you get the deserving compensation.