Essentials to not overlook before building a Swimming Pool

The scorching heat of Dubai can be tiresome but it also offers lots of fun activities that you can’t enjoy in chilling weather. How does the idea of splashing into a pool filled with freshwater sound? Swimming pools are the best spots to beat the heat around you. They not only offer fun time in the water but also add tons of beauty to your place. You can spend hours diving into the fresh cold water or enjoy a freshly squeezed glass of lemon juice while lying idle in the pool on a pool float. Many Swimming pool contractors in Dubai can help you to install a swimming pool in your place.

The swimming pools also address the aesthetic value of the property. The villas with swimming pools are high in demand for those who want to maintain a luxury lifestyle in Dubai. Moreover, they are an ideal place to hold evening parties and dinners as it provides extra texture to the overlook of your house. Light it up with some fancy lights, throw in some fun accessories in the pool and, voilà! Your place becomes the talk-of-the-town for holding fancy parties.


  1. Do your homework

Building up a swimming pool in your backyard is an exciting thought. But hold on! Don’t rush. We would suggest you think about it thoroughly. If you want to build a swimming pool then you need to plan it. You should know why you want it? If you want it just to dive in and relax or want your kids to splash then you don’t need a large space around it. However, if you want to make more use of it for example arrange pool parties, spa day with your friends, lavish dinner for guests then you need extra space and shade around it. You should keep the purpose of your pool in mind before building it.


  1. Choose the perfect site

At first, you should look for a suitable area in your home. Normally, the swimming pools are located in the backyard of the house. But it is not necessarily true. You can build it anywhere you want if you have ample space. While picking up the site, make sure that the place is clear of trees and bushes. The pool should be at a distance from the trees or it can get really messy. The maintenance of the pool is a tedious task and you need to avail the services of a swimming pool Maintenance Company in Dubai to keep it clear of dustYou can reduce the visits of the maintenance company to a minimum if you can control the mess that is landing in the pool.

The water supply system is another factor that you should be aware of. You need to build the pool in the area where the water supply system can be accessed easily to fill the pool. Furthermore, the building of the pool requires a lot of machine work for the excavation system. The path leading to the pool should be open enough to ensure the smooth passage of such equipment.  

  1. Get approval

It is important that you seek prior approval for building in your house. The Dubai Municipality has a certain set of rules and regulations to follow to build a swimming pool. Moreover, you need to seek approval from your residential society as well because some societies do not allow building a swimming pool.

  1. Select a Design

Swimming pools can come in various designs and shapes. You can select any shape you want such as round, rectangular, or square. You also need to be sure of its depth and dimensions as well. Also, you should know whether you want it above the surface or below the ground? You can seek the help of professional Pool designers Dubai to have a clear understanding. 

  1. Cost estimation

You need to keep track of your budget. Building up a swimming pool is a long process and involves lots of mandatory steps which you can’t just ignore. You need to develop a flexible budget and ascertain the expected cost required to build up a pool so that you don’t run of money halfway through the project.   

  1. Seek help

You should prepare a list of some reliable Swimming pool companies in Dubai to contact if you run out of support or need help to clean your pool. The professional swimming pool contractors possess all the necessary equipment and workers to resume the construction of the pool at any stage.

While a pool adds a lot of beauty to your house a dirty pool is a sight that you wish to avoid at any cost. You should always have the services of a reliable swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai on call for the timely cleanliness of your pool.