Event Security Services

Event Security is a specialist industry within the hospitality industry, providing a range of services and equipment to meet the security needs of corporate events, exhibitions and conferences. Event Security is one of the leading suppliers of full service security services to the hospitality and commercial sector. They are experts in providing specialist security for conferences, trade shows and events. With their wide range of pre-built, as well as tailor made, facilities, event security Adelaide can provide you with a world class event security solution that will meet your security requirements. Event Security is constantly striving to build upon its reputation as a premier event security provider by continually updating its services and equipment to provide you with the latest in event security technology. The equipment they use can be very sensitive, and they work in close partnership with law enforcement and security officials to guarantee your satisfaction.

A leading industry partner since 1998, Event Security has been carefully selected to deliver a comprehensive security event service to all our clients. We offer highly skilled security for special events, exhibitions, meetings, fairs and festivals. But take care not to comply with the CO VID 19 strictures and regulations in place in SA. Most of the Event Security Adelaide staff are trained and fully compliant with all the mandatory health and safety provisions to make sure you and your company are fully protected and secure.

Most professionals employed by the Event Security Adelaide personnel are ex-military, ex-factory workers or ex-patrolman. Because we provide a professional event security company, we have established good relations with various law enforcement agencies throughout the state. These include; The Crime Investigation Branch of the Police, The Traffic and Motor Vehicle Crime Enforcement Branch of the Department of Solicitor, The Attorney’s office, The Crimes Act Section of the Coroner’s Office, The Police Force, The Australian Securities and Customs & Force (ASIC). This gives us a well-networked and well-connected system to assist the local authorities in maintaining a safe and secure environment for our clients.

The Police force will use their vehicles for crowd control, if required. If there is an issue with crowd control then Police officers will be at the event to control the situation. The Coroner’s Office can also request assistance from the Adelaide Police at an event to maintain order and to provide visibility at the event. The traffic and motor vehicle police officers will maintain order at major events by requesting the public to remain off the roads and highways.

When it comes to sporting events, the police will also request assistance from the event security team and the event security company for crowd control and to protect themselves and their officers. The Adelaide event security team and the Police will work hand-in-hand to provide a safe, secure and controlled environment for all our clients. Many sporting events will involve people walking, biking, jogging and running around an area, which requires some form of police escort to keep the people moving. These types of events require the police officers to wear uniformed shirts with jackets. It is important that we have uniformed officers at sporting events, so please contact us.

There are other law enforcement and security services that also provide mobile assistance at sporting events. If an event has a safety or security risk then they will offer this assistance at no cost. The most common risk associated with sporting events is the venue being unable to handle large numbers of people. If this occurs then the event security service will step in to provide crowd control and crowd protection. Usually these event security services will require the venue to shut down for a certain period after the event.

Mobile fencing and event fencing equipment is also used to manage large crowds at events. Portable event fencing is also used to manage outdoor concerts and festivals. An event security officer will come onsite to assess the security risk of an event and provide a report. This report can be forwarded to the promoter, who then makes the necessary adjustments to make the event safe and secure for everyone.

Many different things can happen at an event but having event security services available can greatly reduce the chance of injury or loss. In the event that someone does get hurt there are many different ways to handle it. From holding the line to de-arresting the offender to physically removing them from the event and booking an emergency ambulance. There are many different solutions available and using the services of an event security services in Adelaide will help you reduce the risk of a major injury occurring at your event.