Everything About Attack on Titan Merchandising

Attack on Titan is one of the most hyped animated movies this year. It has been receiving rave reviews from critics and moviegoers. With such high expectations, it is not surprising that Attack on Titan Merchandise has also been soaring through the sales charts in pre-order mode. A great part of Attack on Titan’s popularity stems from the fact that this is a sci-fi/western themed action-adventure TV series. As such, the popular clothing line that has been developed to represent the show has a very distinct feel and style. This has helped fuel the interest in Attack on Titan merchandising, both from die hard fans of the series and those who are just interested in having their own Attack on Titan merchandise.

If you look at the Attack on Titan merchandising, you will find that the design concepts for clothing and accessories are primarily influenced by the world and place of the TV show. For example, if you look at the shirt that the characters wear, you will see that they all have bandannas. In the TV series, these are reinforced with thick metal plates. These metal plates are also used as the basis for the action figures that Titans wear. When combined with the design of the show’s titans, you get a perfect concoction for a great looking t-shirt. It is also interesting to note that the back of the shirt has the series’ logo painted on it.

The clothing line for Attack on Titan also includes tank tops, long sleeved sweatshirts and hoodies. There are also some really interesting looking tees designed specifically for fans of Attack on Titan. There is a special line called the Dark Phoenix T-shirt. It is inspired by the famous events from the original work of Hajime Isayama. It features a dark red background and a jewel encrusted emblem on the shirt’s chest.

The Attack on Titan Merchandising company also deals in a number of other merchandise. One of them is an Attack on Titan poster. These posters feature the movie’s key locations. They are quite large and can be kept as wall hangings.

Another interesting product is an action figure collection. This is mainly composed of plastic miniatures. A child’s collection can include robotoids such as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. There are also some quite adorable kids’ versions of the characters. They are quite accurate representations of their live appearances.

An Attack on Titan coloring book is also available for sale. It is a good alternative for the movies. Most kids would prefer reading instead of watching the movies. This is a perfect example of merchandise that bridges the gap between the two mediums. These children’s books are available in different volumes. If the reader prefers coloring, there are a couple of sheets available in this line.

If you want to add a touch of humor to the kids’ line, a Attack on Titan figure and a decal set is available. These decals are removable and stick on well to any surface. A child can paint his or her favorite robot and adorn the outside of their room. If you want the inside to be more colorful, these decals can be printed out.

In summary, Attack on Titan Merchandising offers a wide range of products to satisfy the needs of kids who want to be entertained. There is an assortment of merchandise to enjoy whether you are looking for action figures, books, games, or just plain clothing. It is a good company to patronize if you have kids. Their enthusiasm will always leave an impression. And they are certainly the targets of many of the movie’s memorable scenes.