Arabica coffee happens to be one of the most popular types of coffee in the world and for very valid reasons so. For some people it is the best coffee they have every consumed, a lot better than Robusta and other varieties of coffee.

What exactly is arabica coffee?

Arabica coffee is actually a certain type of coffee that is made from the beans of the coffea arabica plant. The highlands of Ethiopia are believed to the origins of the Arabica coffee. In today’s day and age, it is believed to be one of the most popular types of coffee which accounts for around 60% of the total coffee production in the world.

Why is it called ‘Arabica’ coffee?

Arabica coffee is called arabica coffee because it is believed that sometime in the 7th century the beans of the arabica coffee went from the highlands of Ethiopia to lower Arabia. When the beans were in Ethiopia, they were just crushed and eaten as a stimulant but things changed when they made their way to Arabia. Arabica as a “coffee” was first born in Arabia and hence the name, Arabica coffee. The first ever written record of Arabica as a brewed beverage is by Arab scholars who said that it helped them prolong their work hours. From then on, Arabica coffee began spreading around the world.

What exactly does Arabica coffee taste like?

As long as the arabica coffee being referred to is of very high-quality then you can expect it to have a slightly sweet flavor with subtle hints of nuts, caramel as well as chocolate. That’s not all, you will also notice very subtle hints of berries and fruit in the flavor. You can also expect a little bitterness and a little acidity which is not really too unpleasant for comfort. If the coffee in question has been brewed coldly then the sweeter flavors can be easily brought out. The ‘degree’ of the flavor will depend on the quality of roast that you choose.

The balance of the flavors will also be determined by the composition of the area and of the soil in which the beans are grown in. If protecting the flavor notes of the arabica coffee beans is your main goal then you must store them properly so that they remain nice and fresh at all times. Arabica coffee is so popular that most brands sold at grocery stores, shopping malls and coffee shops happen to be of arabica coffee. It is difficult to find 100% original and unadulterated arabica coffee because some of the biggest coffee companies in the world are known to mix different variants and types of coffee with Arabica coffee, just to cut down on their costs and to increase their profit margins.

Where exactly is Arabica coffee grown?

Arabica coffee grows in a lot of places around the world but it has been found that it grows best in tropical climates around the equator and here we mean countries in South America and Africa. You can expect the highest quality of arabica coffee to come from Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Rwanda, Brazil, Colombia, Burundi, Ethiopia.

Which countries are the biggest exporter and importer of Arabica coffee?

Brazil happens to the biggest producer of coffee in the world and naturally the biggest exporter. When it comes to importer of Arabica coffee, we are talking of countries like United States of America and Japan who are two of the single lagrest arabica coffee importer. That’s not all, several countries in the European Union are also some of the biggest arabica coffee importer.