Everything You Need To Know About Athenahealth Pricing

Athenahealth EHR Software

Athenahealth is a well-renowned EHR Software suitable for various medical specialities. It organizes your workflow efficiently by managing all your patient data. It is a cloud-based system that allows you to access patient data on multiple devices anywhere through the web. Athenahealth also offers a voice recognition feature to help you manage your practice better. 

Athenahealth also provides a practice management system and a patient portal that makes it one of the most comprehensive EHR software. Patients can access the patient portal to review their health, schedule appointments, and pay bills. Athenahealth is known for providing maximum clinical efficiency at an affordable rate.

What makes Athenahealth the Most Comprehensive EHR Software?

Athenahealth is an excellent option for you as it provides a wide variety of benefits required for any healthcare setup to grow. Some of the key features of Athenahealth EHR Software include

Medical Templates

Athenahealth EHR provides various medical temples for different specialties. These templates allow you to simplify your documentation process and help you manage patient data efficiently. 

Patient Engagement

The Patient Portal provided by Athenahealth allows the patients to communicate with you regarding their health. Patients can view their medical history, diagnosis, and lab test results through this feature. It also streamlines the process of scheduling appointments for them.

Revenue Cycle Management

The Revenue Cycle Management helps you maintain financial viability and promotes quality care for your patients. The medical billing facility also enables you to streamline workflow. 

Care Coordination

Athenahealth allows you to communicate with pharmacies, labs, and other healthcare providers to improve care coordination. This also helps you create a stronger patient bond. 


Telemedicine is a virtual facility that is an excellent alternative to in-person consultations.

Athenahealth offers telemedicine, where you can schedule a virtual consultation with your patient. Telemedicine is a convenient way for patients who can’t afford to come physically. 

Integration System

Athenahealth EHR Software integrates with labs, pharmacies, and medical equipment to streamline your workflow. You can connect with labs and pharmacies to review your patients’ lab results and prescriptions. Athenahealth also integrates with X-ray and MRI machines to provide diagnostic test results efficiently.


You can electronically send prescriptions to your patients’ pharmacies through Athenahealth. It also allows you to receive notifications from pharmacies related to different medications.


Athenahealth EHR Software is a safe and secure way to keep your patient medical history, diagnosis, and lab test results secure. 

Athenahealth Pricing

Athenahealth software provides many features that make it worth the price compared to the other market competitors. Athenahealth license starts at $140 monthly per provider and increases depending upon the number of providers. Many EHR Software adds additional charges, which they don’t show initially. Athenahealth assures no hidden fees. While providing several benefits to the users, Athenahealth is also a budget-friendly option for you. 

  • It charges 4-7% of total practice revenue for billing services. 
  • $500 – $10,000 is the cost for data migration, but it can increase to $25,000 for over 1 million records. 
  • If you require customized integration with other systems as well, it will cost you around $2500 to $25,000
  • Training charges are  $500 to $5000 depending upon the number of sessions you take. 
  • You also receive a free 30-minute demo which is a crucial benefit as the EHR demo allows you to analyze whether the system best suits your practice and improves patient care.

Is Athenahealth Pricing worth it?

Unlike Athenahealth, most of the EHR Software present in the market doesn’t provide value for money which suggests that you must first look at the benefits provided by each EHR before viewing the price.


Each healthcare setup requires different features depending upon the specialty. While we have provided you with Athenahealth pricing and average rating among users, we suggest you look out for features you want in your EHR Software.

AthenaHealth Reviews

Many health care providers are currently using Athenahealth. If you are concerned about the reviews, we can tell you that many users recommended athenahealth to provide a good and user-friendly experience. Athenahealth EHR Software ranks as one of the Best EHR Software for medical practices. The software has effectively managed various small and big healthcare setups. 


The average user rating is relatively positive, and most websites show an average rating of 4/5. This rating clearly shows that most of the users like athenahealth and recommend it. Overall, athenahealth is an excellent option for you as it provides a cloud-based interface, practice management system, and patient portal altogether.

Final Thoughts About Athenahealth

We have reviewed the Athenahealth features and pricing for you. You can take a free demo and make a decision quickly. Athenahealth is one of the top EHR Software for medical practice, which provides you various features, all in one package. The price might be high for small practices, but by looking at the features, it offers, it’s all worth it!