Everything you need to know about fishing this season: Long Island Fishing Report


As the offshore trips continue to be wrecked by the coastal storms here are some freshwater fishing options you must check out. This winter has not been the coldest and yet there are inactive anglers in the Long Island area. With this week’s weather forecast predicting that the weekend will witness some clear skies it would be a good idea to take out your fishing gear and go for a spin on your fishing boat. Due to the current weather, there has been a sudden rise in ice fishing but there are not many fishing enthusiasts out there who like to fish over a puddle of broken ice. 

Usually, people would travel over to more exotic locations with warmer temperatures but as there are travel restrictions due to COVID so there are few people traveling this year. So people are stuck in colder regions and they are trying to fish at some creeks and over the bridges. They are also looking for shorelines. Long island fishing report can help you track down some of the hotspots and we would also be discussing some of the important fishing equipment and how to use them in this article. 

You might find that there are a lot of recommendations to go for solo fishing in this long island fishing report. This is because of the pandemic. The vaccine is out and the pandemic has started diminishing but still, it has not been completely eradicated and thus we have tried our best to keep the motto of 6 meters distance alive in this long island fishing report. 

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Well, apart from the weekend there are not many fishing options right now. Due to the snow and chilly temperatures fishing enthusiasts would have to keep dipping their bait in ice and wait for the fishes.

And for the beginners who have just discovered the fun and enjoyment of fishing here are some great tips regarding their fishing tackle.

Fishing rod – this is an obvious gear. Fishing rods are an important part of your fishing tackle. Most beginners undermine the value of a good fishing rod. Do not repeat the mistake; invest in a good fishing rod. The fishing rod is like the golf stick. The better grip you have on the rod, the more you will enjoy. Else, you might even hurt yourself or others if the rod slips out of your hand. There must be a balance of strength and flexibility in your chosen fishing rod. A strong rod may help you catch a larger fish but it would not alert you of the gentle strokes of a fish and a lighter rod on the other hand would fail you in catching a big fish. So there must be a fine balance between both strength and flexibility. 

Fishing reels – to complement your choice of a good fishing rod you need an equally good fishing reel. To get a good fishing reel you should first decide the type of fish you are going to catch. Also, the type of lures you would be casting will be a deciding factor for your fishing reel. Spinning reels are good for a light bait while baitcasters are good for heavy lures. It totally depends upon you.

Fishing hooks – the last is the fishing hook. Fishing hooks are available in different shapes and sizes. The J-shaped medium-sized fishing hook is the most popular among anglers but you can also go for the latest barbless hooks. Make sure that the fishing hook is sharpened and cleaned thoroughly before using. 

This was all in today’s Long Island fishing report. We can not wait for the summers that will melt away all the snow and bring out some fresh new fishes. Till then watch out for this space for a good fishing experience.

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