Exciting Online Games That You Can Play with Your Friends for Virtual Fun

We live in an era where everything is just a click away, this holds even when you want to hang out with your friends virtually without meeting them. There is so much you can do together online, and the most exciting of all is to play a virtual game that unleashes your competitive side and creates an air of excitement. All you need to do is to download a trusted and genuine gaming app like Gamezy. Along with having some fun, you can also win several cash prizes, now isn’t that amazing? Let’s list out easy games that you and your friends can get hooked to right away.

  1. Ludo Game: We are sure the sheer mention of the name of this game brings back all the childhood memories. Gamezy Ludo allows you to relive those precious moments with your friends. This multi-board game can be played between 2 to 4 players, where the players race against each other to move their tokens from start to finish with the roll of the dice. The best part is that you can also use real cash to play this game online, download and register yourself on the Gamezy app, choose the Super Ludo game and enter it by paying a minimal fee. If you win the game, the amount is moved to your wallet which can be redeemed later.
  2. 8-Ball Pool: 8-ball pool is a game that has gained worldwide popularity in a very short time. The visual appeal and the graphics make it highly desirable among the younger lot. 8-ball pool game mimics the offline pool or billiards brilliantly and the objective of the game is to pocket the set of balls designated for you, before the opponent.
  3. Rummy Card Game: A popular game that’s played in several Indian households, the rummy game is equally exciting when played online. It can be played between 2 or up to 6 people at the same time, and it requires the players to smartly and quickly put their 13 or 21 dealt cards into sequences and sets. This game is ideal to train your brain to strategize quickly and ingrain the quality of patience. You can start by visiting the official website of Gamezy, and click on download the Gamezy rummy app, and you are all set to play this game on the go as well on your mobile.
  4. Carrom: You can now even play this classic board game with your friends and family online! Like the offline version, you have to pot the maximum number of coins before other players win the match using a striker. The player should also aim at potting the queen coin followed by a cover coin to gain extra points. This game can be played between 2 players and a maximum of 4 players can play this virtual game. A lot of people play this game at a professional level, and this game requires the players to stay focused throughout the game.

There are many other games that you can explore on Gamezy, go ahead and explore the world of virtual games.