Exploring Exciting Activities in Punta Cana

Exploring Exciting Activities in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a tropical paradise that offers a variety of thrilling activities for tourists. 

Caribbean Buccaneers Tour

One of the most exciting activities you can enjoy in Punta Cana is the Caribbean Buccaneers tour. This tour takes you on a night journey on a Spanish galleon called “La Hispaniola” guided by buccaneer pirates. During the tour, you will receive training to become a true king of the Caribbean sea, enjoying and participating in an adventure that will take you through time, creating the illusion of being a real pirate.

The tour includes pirate training and a 3-hour show on board the Hispaniola. You will enjoy an unforgettable view facing the sea on the island of sharks and music to dance with the pirate crew and your companions. It’s a ton of buccaneer fun!


  • Arrival at Ocean Adventures.

  • Welcome, check-in, and briefing on board La Hispaniola. Sail to the coral reef.

  • Sail aboard La Hispaniola, rebel pirates show, shark island.

  • Drinks and dinner on the deck.

  • Sailing back to the base, denouement of the pirate story, drinks, party, and dancing.

  • End of the excursion and arrival at the beach.

Dinner in Punta Cana

After sailing over the Caribbean while receiving knowledge from buccaneer pirates, you will arrive on a platform over the sea, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner in Punta Cana. You can delight in a chicken breast with rice and salad, and for an additional cost, you can choose between shrimp or beef. The night view is breathtaking, and the return with music will make you vibrate and dance to the rhythm that only our pirates can do. Check this also easy online money

Ocean Spa in Punta Cana

If you’re looking for a relaxing activity in Punta Cana, the Ocean Spa is a perfect option. This activity combines the marine environment while you enjoy a delicate massage and total relaxation on a floating mattress on the sea, and stretch your body doing Yoga and Bio Pilates.

On the Ocean Spa in Punta Cana, you will enjoy a VIP day with the caress of the sun and the accompanying breeze. On board a catamaran, you will have various activities and total relaxation that will revive you. We will awaken all your senses with melodies, natural drinks, massages, and treatments that help you replenish energy, release tension, and release toxins.

What’s Included:

  • Showers

  • Lockers

  • Light lunch

  • Domestic open bar

  • Towel

  • Biopilates

  • Massages and exfoliation

  • Floating mats


  • The tour starts on a catamaran.

  • Expert fish in dermatology will give natural exfoliation to your feet, leaving your skin regenerated.

  • Bio-pilates is a novel system of exercises combining slow precision movements, breath control, and focus on specific muscle groups.

  • The floating mattresses provide you with a moment of complete peace and relaxation with the movement of the water and calming music.

Swimming with Dolphins in Punta Cana

Dolphin Discovery offers the opportunity to Swim with Dolphins in Punta Cana in a natural lagoon, where you can interact with these intelligent and friendly animals.

During the experience, you will learn about the biology and behavior of dolphins from a marine mammal specialist. You’ll get to touch and play with the dolphins, and even get a kiss from them!

What’s Included:

  • Transportation from your hotel

  • 15-minute briefing about dolphins

  • 40-minute swim with dolphins

  • Towels and lockers

  • Snorkeling with stingrays and sharks (optional)


  • Transportation from the hotel to the Dolphin Discovery center.

  • Arrival at the center, where you’ll receive a briefing about dolphins and safety instructions.

  • Enter the natural lagoon to swim with the dolphins and interact with them.

  • End of the swim, and opportunity to snorkel with stingrays and sharks (optional).

  • Return to the hotel.


Punta Cana offers a wide variety of exciting activities that will make your vacation unforgettable. From the Caribbean Buccaneers tour to swimming with dolphins, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore and experience all that this tropical paradise has to offer.


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