Export Email Mailboxes to EML Format on Macintosh OS

Users who’re looking for a smart solution to solve their problem instantly, then this article is right for those users. Many users around the world post on our site their queries regarding the problem they’re facing, one of the major issues coming up is how to convert MBOX to EML Mac. The major reason behind the conversion process is that MBOX stores all the email files in a single MBOX folder, while on the other hand, EML stores each email files in a separate EML folder. So, if in the future, if the user has already converted to EML, then the user will not lose all of the emails at one go. 

The users want to protect and save their crucial emails from any loss in the future, therefore, if all the emails are stored in a single file, then losing it becomes easy, while if the user has converted it to EML, the user, in this case, will only lose a single email message in case of corruption of the email client or the file format. MBOX is one of the oldest file formats used by email clients to store the user’s data but now the users want to shift to a more advanced option like EML. EML supports email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. thus, if the user wants to shift to these email clients, then they need to convert their previous email files. 

In this article, we are going to explain to the users the right techniques to Convert MBOX to EML Mac. 

Manual Method to Convert MBOX to EML Mac 

Follow the mentioned steps carefully: –

  1. Start by running the Mail app on the Mac Machine. 
  2. Now select the email that the user wants to convert to EML. 
  3. Drag and drop the target email inside of the folder on the Mac Machine. 
  4. The email message will automatically be saved as EML

The Limitations in the Manual Method

Here are some of the backdrops of using the Manual Method: –

  • If the user is having the bulk of email files that need to be converted, then the user has to repeat the same process again and again. 
  • The method is time-consuming and tedious. 
  • The user needs to possess some of the technical skills to complete the procedure. 
  • The above method is not a 100% guaranteed one. 

An Automated Tool Guide to Convert MBOX to EML on Mac

To avoid the limitations of the Manual Method, we have the best and the most reliable tool MBOX Converter. This tool can perfectly convert multiple MBOX files to EML without any glitches and errors. The wizard offers dual ways to upload the MBOX files in the software, the user can either opt for bulk conversion or selective conversion using the Filter option. The utility is perfectly a standalone, thus, the user doesn’t need to install any other application with it. The application is perfectly reliable and delivers exact results within no time. 

The application comes with a user-friendly interface with a coherent GUI that allows even novice users to operate the software effortlessly without any technical assistance. The utility preserves and maintains the MBOX’s hierarchy during and after the procedure, and converts all the Meta components of the MBOX file to EML. The software prevents the user’s data from any loss, while it guarantees the same of its safety and security. The toolkit offers the flexible option to the users to choose destination location and file naming convention. The wizard supports all the latest versions of Mac OS. 

The Steps to Convert MBOX to EML Mac

Launch the tool and follow the steps mentioned here. 

  1. Now upload the MBOX files that the user wishes to convert using the Add file (s) or Add folder (s) option. 
  2. Then select EML from the Select Saving List
  3. Further, choose the destination location and file naming convention
  4. Finally, press the Export button. 

The users would receive notifications regarding the successful completion of the process. 

The Final Words

The blog gives the users the right techniques to Convert MBOX to EML Mac. Some users wish to convert MBOX files to EML for various reasons, MBOX stores the user’s data in a single file, so if in the future the email client gets corrupted, then, in this case, the user might lose all of their email messages. On the other hand, EML stores each email message on a separate EML file, if the user loses it, only a single email message would be lost. For this conversion, we have the best tool. The tool can directly convert multiple MBOX files to EML without any delay. The tool comes with a user-friendly interface and delivers 100% accurate results.