Extension Custom Printed Hair Packaging & Boxes


Extensions of hair are hip, fun, and attractive. They’re back in. Fashion never gets old; it just takes a break and every girl likes to have long hair. This need generates another necessity: the need for hair extensions. Genetically speaking, every girl cannot have long, safe and curly hair. Then who are they? So how are they? Extension of hair is the answer to a prayer of a child. However, hair extensions are vulnerable to natural events and that is what custom hair extension boxes must be massively made.

Why get Extension Boxes for Personalized Hair?

To conserve the hair extension and to protect against natural stimuli and harm, a custom hair extension box is required. But not all of this is a personalized hair extension package. The main aim of custom boxes is to give a customized look to your product packaging. To create a one-to-one relationship with your prospects and maintain an unblockable link, you need custom packaging services. This is what a customized extension box does for hair extension companies. When a prospect looks at the packaging of your product, she can only look up until she looks at the product inside.

What’s in a Personalized Hair Extension Box?

A package for hair extensions undoubtedly has hair extensions, but what is there? What makes it so fascinating and special? In reality, the customization level given by a company makes the difference. We aspire to make a difference at GCP and do this every day. The hair extension boxes are a very detailed operation. We cut the materials our customers choose after much thought and then discuss the color, design, form, fonts, finish and material with them, and then deliver a product that cannot be easily adapted to any other custom extension box on the market.

Custom Hair Extension Box

After much thought and attention to detail, a customized hair extension box is made. Our design and implementation team ensures you listen closely to the client, thoroughly understand the specifics of the design that our customer has in mind and then move on to the packaging experts and engineers with the same details. These specifics include the design, added features, selected materials, finishes, type, and size of the desired package, but are not limited to them. The industrial standard requires the companies to have everything relevant on their product cabinets, including color, texture, barcode, instructions, hazards (if any), products used to produce a product, e.g. organic hair strands and costs, etc. We take care of all these specifics and offer a product that is 100% the same as our customers require.

Our processing time is 3 to 4 working days. We ship free of charge and don’t charge secrets. We also recognize the environmental effect of our company. We, therefore, use 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. Our goods do not affect infants, adults, or animal cruelty at all.

Have any questions still in mind? No issue, please contact our customer service team immediately if you want to learn more about our custom cosmetics packaging.


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