Facebook Adds Scheduling for Stories, New Ad, and Business Discovery Options

Facebook has added several new features to its Business Suite platform. These new features include scheduling Stories for Instagram and Facebook and a business discovery feature and algorithm via a user’s news feed. With the constant evolution of social media marketing in Adelaide, new social features and platform updates can help you optimize your communication and marketing strategies. Let’s go through these features one at a time.

The new features

Facebook’s newest business management platform is known as Business Suite. The Business Suite includes all the features companies need to target customers with ads across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network–the four pillars of Facebook’s ad tech stack. The newest feature added to this suite is a scheduling feature for Stories on Facebook and Instagram. This innovation will allow users to create and schedule stories for both platforms so that social media managers can execute them at a fixed time.

The scheduling feature for stories has been offered for the first time by Facebook. Another management tool Facebook has is Creator Studio, which allows the scheduling of feed posts and IGTV videos across Facebook and Instagram. But it still does not enable Story scheduling, which social media managers have struggled with until now.

Several third-party tools have workarounds to schedule stories. However, this leaves managers prone to bugs, where a native scheduling solution will be an excellent upgrade to the process. It will help you map out your content strategy better with a unified calendar and processing tool across both platforms.

With this new feature, you can also save posts on Instagram and Facebook as drafts. You get more flexibility this way, as you are not obliged to start from scratch when you revisit your page.

As more platforms have started using stories, their popularity has increased. Many brands have incorporated the format into their communication plans to make their content more mobile-friendly since more people use the internet via mobile devices now. Therefore, it is perfectly sensible for Facebook to enable brands to maximize their outreach by providing more planning tools.

However, there is one issue with scheduling Stories. By their nature, Stories represent real-time moments and updates. Polishing content and promotions to share them on your Stories takes away the in-the-moment style that is the ethos of Facebook and Instagram Stories in the first place. Having said that, Stories have evolved since their intended purpose and have become powerful digital tools for creators and brands. Given how audiences consume content and how brands and the best social media marketing agencies in Adelaide are putting out content today, scheduling Stories instead of posting them at the exact time is the right way to go.

Besides the new scheduling feature, Facebook is also set to give users a business discovery feature through a page recommendations section under News Feed posts. When users are viewing or hovering over posts or updates on their feed, they will also be able to check out new content from these pages that match their interests.