Facilities to look for at International and Primary Schools In Pune

Parents and students are often puzzled by the diversity of prospects that a primary school offers. As primary education is ideal for steering the learners’ holistic development, it is fitting to choose a school that uses this principle as a core component of their pedagogy. 

But to look for a school that utilises the holistic approach, it will help if you look for what kind of facilities it provides. Without the right facilities, the school will not be able to deliver on the promises. That is what this article aims to cover – the facilities that you should look for at an international and primary school in Pune. 

Let’s begin. 

The curriculum 

Firstly, it will help if you check the curriculum that the school provides. It should assess the learner’s requirements and render essential academic training to steer their development. One of the objectives should be to make the transition from primary level education to secondary school seamless. 

More importantly, it should help the learners achieve foundational skills in the core academic subjects such as English, Maths, Social Studies, and Science and Technology. The CBSE curriculum covers all such requirements of the learners, and it has been rendered as the best choice for primary education. That is why it is crucial that you select an international school in Pune that provides the CBSE curriculum to the learners. 

The pedagogy 

As primary education decides the kind of education and academic life the students will be enjoying in the future, the teachers should prepare them for secondary level education. The ideal way to go about achieving this is by fostering the cognitive development of the students. Teachers should inculcate independent thinking skills that enable the learners to take on any academic task without facing difficulties. 

However, the crucial pointer should be to look for a primary school that utilises an individualised approach to teach. For instance, teachers should assess the learning capacity of each student and cater to their requirements. Let’s say if one learner reacts positively to practical learning or theme-based learning, then the school should be equipped with the essentials to make that happen. 

Campus and school infrastructure

Apart from ensuring essentials such as the students’ safety and proper hygiene, the school campus should be equipped with the right laboratories, playground, multipurpose room, and more. It should have a top-notch transportation programme that makes commuting easy for the learners. 

Moreover, the classroom is often referred to as the school’s centrepiece, where most of the learning happens. The point is that the classroom should be equipped with the essential technology that inculcates 21st-century skills among the students. More importantly, the school should be able to conduct STEM-related programmes or learning efficiently. 

Extracurricular activities and After School programmes 

Research has proven that extra and co-curricular activities play a vital role in ensuring students’ physical and mental well-being. They enhance social skills, boost confidence levels, and instil a sense of achievement. 

A few students may show positive results in a sports activity, and others may like joining the literature club. That is why it is ideal to look at schools that offer multiple extra and co-curricular facilities. 

Moreover, it will help if you enquire about the type of after school programmes that the school offers. Such programmes are ideal for nurturing further development of high achievers and assisting struggling students. Moreover, the structured learning environment that the programme provides can benefit learners. 

Final say

This post covered the essential pointers regarding the facilities that you should look for in an international and primary school. The best way to inquire about the facilities is by scheduling a visit to the school, reading parents’ reviews, and reviewing the school’s reputation. It will help if you combine these efforts with the tips outlined in the article and find the right learning platform for your child.