Few Tips, Suggestions and Topics for Comparative Essays

Have you ever thought what makes a professional essay writer so good? You might have asked for their help when you got stuck with some topic. Most students do not bother to read the solution provided by them. It is essential to go through the solutions to understand the correct ways of writing an essay. You will come across various types of essays. One such type is the comparative essay. These essays mainly focus on comparing and contrasting different elements of the two subjects. It is essential to understand the subjects properly and find out the similarities or differences between them. So, where do you start? First, you need to select the right topic and gather the relevant information. To make your life easy, here are fifty great comparative essay topics to choose from.

50 Interesting Comparative Essay Topics

Students often seek essay help when they fail to understand the topic. The topic is an integral part of the essay, and you need to look into various aspects before choosing one. You must know your comfort zone and choose the topic wisely. Students selecting a complicated topic often fail to impress the instructor and score well with their presentation. Following are fifty exciting comparative essay topics.

  1. Is it acceptable to use chemical drugs, or it needs to be avoided?
  2. Homoeopathic vs allopathic medication
  3. Should alternative healthcare be used or not?
  4. Difference between psychologist and psychiatrist
  5. Medicines vs natural remedies
  6. Which is better for care? Clinics or hospitals?
  7. Female vs male doctors
  8. Mobile healthcare units or stationary clinics
  9. Care at hospital vs care at home
  10. iOS vs Android: Which is better?
  11. Mobile phones vs tablets
  12. E-learning vs classroom learning
  13. Getting a part-time job vs enjoying the vacation
  14. Relation between learning the right disciplines and career success
  15. Should economics be made compulsory or not?
  16. Economic growth and political unrest
  17. Economics vs sociology
  18. Economy vs economic
  19. Economics or business studies
  20. Monarchy vs democracy
  21. Capitalism vs communism
  22. Socialism vs communism
  23. Free trade: Merits and demerits
  24. Presidential system vs parliamentary system
  25. The political system of US vs the UK
  26. Research paper writing or creative writing
  27. Study from home or study in school
  28. Homework help online vs home tuitions
  29. Indian vs American education system
  30. Which is better? Professional or vocational courses?
  31. Oral learning vs written learning
  32. Report writing vs research paper writing
  33. Which is easy among these two? Learning from books or learning from the internet?
  34. Which is more productive? Visiting the library or studying in the room?
  35. Football vs basketball
  36. Marathons vs walkathons
  37. Indoor sports or outdoor sports
  38. Spending time in sports vs studying
  39. Early morning workout vs late night workout
  40. Running vs gym
  41. Joining a start-up vs joining a corporate
  42. Higher education or job
  43. Working as a freelancer or an employee: Which is better?
  44. Science vs arts
  45. Life in high school vs life in college
  46. Online tuitions or home tuitions
  47. Math vs English: Which is easy?
  48. Community projects vs school games
  49. Extracurricular activities vs academics
  50. Differences in behaviour between boys and girls

It will help you to select a topic when you have such lists with you. The topics are very interesting, and you can share some of your own experiences as well. It is essential to know the correct ways to write an essay. The following section will help you with the right tips to write a comparative essay.

Tips to Write a Comparative Essay

Once you choose the topic, you need to write the essay correctly. The instructor must not be confused while reading the essay. You need to make sure that the write-up is simple and easy to understand. Professional writers have gained popularity because of their skill to present an essay and communicating the ideas properly to the readers. These tips will help you write a comparative essay quickly.

  • Know the basis of comparison

It is essential to know the point of comparison. You will be unable to justify the essay if you do not know the same. Students often overlook these instructions and make mistakes while writing the essay. The topic will have the basis of comparison mentioned. If not, then you need to establish a ground for comparison and write the essay. Make sure that the ground is justified and can attract the readers.

  • Note down the similarities and differences

A comparative essay is not only about the differences between two elements. You might also be asked to share the similarities between the two elements. Hence, it is better to note down the similarities and differences before starting with the essay. It will help you write the essay faster. Students miss out on this part and find out the similarities and differences as they write the essay. It is not a good practice. You must make a note of the same before you start writing.

  • Develop a thesis based on the similarities and differences

The comparative essay must be written from a single point of view. So, you need to decide whether to write on the similarities or the differences. A thesis statement will help you do the same quickly. You can use it to highlight how the differences outweigh the similarities or vice versa. It will help you connect with the readers from the beginning. They will understand why you have chosen that aspect to write the essay.

  • Frame an outline along with a particular structure

Essays have a specific structure. You cannot ignore it. But framing an outline as per the structure will help you write the essay quickly. You must put the points in the appropriate sections to justify the entire write-up. There will be many points to highlight. If you do not have a proper outline, it won’t be easy to write the essay. Hence, framing an outline is necessary while writing a comparative essay.

These essays are essential for your overall grades. The topics might seem easy, but you might face some difficulties when you dig deep into them. Hence, it is essential to understand the topic well before you start writing. The mentioned above will also help you complete the essay quickly.


Essay writing is not an easy task. You need to know many things before writing essays. The instructor will check your understanding of the topic and your writing skills before putting in the grades. You must follow these instructions to write a good essay.

  • Make sure there are no grammatical errors
  • Write simple sentences
  • Arrange the points properly
  • Proofread before you submit

Each of the above points is essential, and you must be very careful while writing the essay. Check every single point before submitting the task. Your grades depend on it.

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