Field Service Management – Technology Trends 2022

Field Service Management and Technology Application

A look at Top field service trends for 2022

2020 presented many challenges to field service management and field service providers. The worldwide pandemic has resulted in field professionals focusing on home repairs because they’re considered the most basic. I will always wait until 2022 to determine the emerging trends for whatever the case may be. We can also see the top ten most popular trends in the field services sector in 2022, as well as prepare for future security challenges.

The gig economy is here to stay

There is no doubt that the gig economy will be around until the next year as people search for ways to do business related to the closure. Field service professionals’ adaptability allows them to serve when needed and avoid the usual pressures of their work. As freelancers expand their blended workforces, service providers build up their fundamental services and expand geographically.

Increasing use of blended workforces (hired and third-party)

More than ever, it is imperative to have a blended workforce. A growing reliance on third-party service providers has been attributed to a break-in of individuals working in jobs due to safety concerns, illness, or isolation, as well as to an increase in service requests. Field specialists should be used to deliver services efficiently by manufacturers who are overloaded, underscoring the long-standing need to have both employees and third parties balance workloads and fill gaps in service.

Enhancing prediction and understanding through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)

During a supply shortage, the world’s biggest field services company is faced with the challenge of building its first field service in the presence of parts. It is common for professionals to not know what parts they need to fix until they show up at a service call. Automated scheduling will smooth out over 66% of field service providers’ schedules by 2025 by utilizing algorithms and bots. In the future, with the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system will become even smarter and predict parts required for break-fix/replacements by analyzing client-reported deficiencies and service histories. Part availability should be reflected in the price. A major part of further improvement of the initial repair rate resides in the advanced predictive systems that can always ensure the stock level.

To ensure that home services remain accessible, field service software is essential

Manufacturers have to use the best tools they have at their disposal so that the services offered by home devices remain accessible and handled efficiently, especially as more clients demand service through home devices. Software for field service management enables clients to report issues and schedule fixes on their own, reducing the amount of management work required. Unless field service organizations and manufacturers use the right software, they cannot handle the amount of work or coordinate service requests with field experts.

By streamlining technician schedules and routes through the use of digital tools, service providers can improve services no matter how popular they may be. Consumers rely on their own devices to keep working and to withstand continued use. Manufacturers can only fulfill service needs and ensure home service is accessible to customers through the use of field service software in the next few years.

The Field Service Dashboard by Field Engineer lets you manage field service operations with full order management, financial management, skills management, service contract management, and reporting in real-time. Communication between field technicians and the management of their time at your location is critical for your business, and our system considers that.

Delivers individual proposals to clients using the field service workforce

There are numerous opportunities to utilize field service professionals as sales representatives. By offering clients individual proposals during site visits, producers can capitalize on the service request issue as a way to sell clients.

Whenever a broken gadget is called upon, an expert could define what it would be best to do, such as updating the machine rather than fixing the current one. A field specialist decreases the distance between the vendor and the client by going to their location or at their location, so their organization is in a better position to use the products.

With the help of advanced technologies, the aging workforce can be replaced

The less experienced force will grow as experts resign/retire. It will be necessary to provide more support during the first few months of new field professionals’ training. By opening up new methods of training, AI can play an important role in the development of the workforce.

Video conferencing allows field workers who are untrained to receive support from a trained, experienced service team that can be integrated with mobile applications. A technician may consult FAQs or outlines on the hardware they are trying to fix while working. Over half of on-location service management solutions, down from under 10% in 2019, will include augmented reality tools and knowledge-sharing technology by 2025. To improve service efficiency among all field specialists, field experts need to work longer hours.

Your organization’s network also needs to adopt new technologies

The managed NOC will simplify the process of requesting field support for your business. To maximize the benefits from new technologies, “Managed NOCs” will allow your company to effectively monitor, identify, and resolve any network issues that may arise during the integration process.


The previous year was challenging for field service organizations as well as customers. Provide suppliers with the flexibility and adaptability they need to meet new client demands in 2022 while conveying helpful exercises.

Digital manufacturing tools and automation tools for field services can be used by organizations in the coming years to stay ahead of their competitors and provide better service to their field workers.