How to Identify and Fix Customer Pain Points by Leveraging CRM Tools

Customer relationship management is an intricate process because client behavior differs in various aspects. Not all the customers will have transparency in their communication as you require for your business. The client might have complex grievances or issue which is beyond your purview to resolve them.

As a result, many business owners have the best practices to find out customer challenges and pain points. Implementation of the best customer relationship management software will help to gather and analyze information to spot the challenges. In this blog, we will dive deep into how to find the customer pain points and how to fix them with CRM tools.

What are customer pain points?

Other than the generic customer grievances and issues about the products or services they use. Additionally, the client might have other challenges; which they consistently face, which could resolve with your products and services.

The customer pain point might depend on the finances, efficiency, production, or after-sales issues. It is crucial to understand the challenges and classify them to address each aspect and resolve them. Additionally, pain points can also be referred to as the aspects that help to close a sale.

What are the ways to identify the customer pain points?


One of the most efficient ways to understand your customer pain points is to enquire thoroughly. Moreover, asking open-ended questions will help your team to find out the pain point exactly and resolve them.

However, the team must ask the relevant question to find out what they are looking for. You can ask the following questions by creating a survey and questionnaire.

  • What are the challenges you face in your business expansion?
  • What are the loopholes in your sales process to close deals?
  • What are the areas that drive your customers away from your business?
  • What is the consistent challenge in front of your management team?
  • Which tasks take most of your operational time daily?

Answers to these questions will help your business with a great initial start.


Just enquiring about your customer will not be sufficient; it is crucial for your team to actively listen; to what the client is saying. Because; there is a huge possibility that the customer is giving you their pain points, but you might not be listening to them.

Businesses must teach their teams how to listen actively to what the customer says. As a result, they will be able to spot the unstated needs and demands of the customer to solve them. The CRM software will help save every customer interaction whether; in person, on calls, emails, or chats. Additionally, the CRM tools will help to analyze the interactions to spot the pain points.


Another crucial to find the customer’s pain points; is to keep a watch on the reviews or feedbacks, which the customer gives about the services. The reviews or feedbacks that are addressed towards your products and services will help to spot your challenges.

The best way to look out for customer feedback is on social media because it is a platform for unfiltered comments. Furthermore, the best customer relationship software will help to gather feedback from all the channels. Additionally, this software will also help your business track the digital customer footprint; to understand their preferences.


The pain points of the customer lie in your customer journey so it is crucial to dive deep into it from a consumer perspective. The top CRM software will have a tool that lets you visualize the customer journey and understand the pain points.

An in-depth journey right from the first marketing interaction to deal closure to understand the flows. Once you understand the flaws, you can change the process to identify the customer pain points.


One of the most effective ways these days to find out the customer’s pain points is to track the customer’s digital footprints. Because before doing purchase the customer does a google search to do a competitor analysis and read the reviews.

Additionally, the best CRM system helps track the digital footprint to personalize the experience and understand the pain points.

What are the ways to leverage the CRM tools to fix the pain points?

Implementation of the best cloud-based CRM software which adapts to your business needs will help to gather; the customer pain points. Additionally, this software will help to gather all the data and analyze it to generate reports for constant challenges.

Furthermore, you can make a strategic data-driven action plan to overcome the challenges. Because the customer pain points lie in the customer journey, which can be resolved with accurate and real-time data.

Moreover, the CRM system will track and save every customer interaction, which helps you analyze the pain points. As a result, the pre-sales, sales, and the after-sales team can analyze the pain points that can help them resolve their problems. The best CRM software will have artificial intelligence that will help spot the pain points, work on them, and fix them.


The customer plays a crucial role in any business, irrespective of their type, size, or industry. It is crucial for business owners to find the customer pain points and fix them to have an efficient customer relationship. Furthermore, just look into list of top 10 CRM tools for 2021 where you geet best one for a perfect way to spot customer pain points and fix them efficiently.