How User Can Find and Reset Epson Printer Default Password

Epson printer is a popular printer device that provides good quality printouts at a good speed. For home, you can use the Epson inkjet printer. The inkjet device prints provide excellent printouts with varying sizes. In new Epson models, users can use it for fax or scanning. These printers are multi-platform which means you can connect the device to Windows, Mac and phone devices easily. You can connect the printer cable or use the wireless medium. While using the printer on the network; you should put a strong password to prevent consequences. Using the password ensures that only reliable people can use the device.

Where to find Epson Printer Default Password

When a user connects the Epson printer to the network for the first time, he can use the default password. The default username for the printer is Epson and the password is also Epson or Access. When the password is not correct then inspect the printer. You will see the default password on the backside of your printer. Once the user finds the Epson printer password, he can access the printer easily. But the user should change his default password. If you don’t, any person who is accessing the same network can access your printer. When you connect the printer to the network; change the password immediately. You can find the printer network status and password by printing the network status sheet.

  1. Go to Epson printer and press the Setup button
  2. Use the arrow key and choose Network settings
  3. Click on Network Status
  4. Hit on the Print Status Sheet and not press the OK button

Use the navigation button and select the print network status page. Go to the input tray and load a page. Your Epson printer will print the details about the printer. Now you should instantly change the password before anyone accesses it. 

Changing Epson Printer Password

When you find the default password then change it immediately.

  1. Open the all programs page
  2. Choose your Epson printer model
  3. Select the Remote setup
  4. Check the printer network
  5. Type the default printer password
  6. A new password page will appear
  7. Type a new password for the Epson printer
  8. Re-enter password 
  9. Click on the complete button and the printer password will get changed. 

Changing Epson Printer Default Password using Network

When you can’t change the password using the printer program then you can directly change it using the network. When it is connected to your network and you have the default username and password then change it easily.

  1. Open the browser to access web
  2. Go to address bar
  3. Type the Epson printer IP address
  4. You will get the server page
  5. Type the password of your Epson printer
  6. Hit on the Admin tab
  7. If you can’t see the admin tab, click on Epson Login Password
  8. Follow on-screen commands
  9. Type the new password
  10. Confirm the new password for the Epson printer

Hit on the submit button and the password will get changed. After changing it, you can use the Epson device with a new password.

Epson Printer is not working on the Network

After connecting the Epson device to the network; few users face Epson Printer won’t Print errors. When the printer shows you an error, inspect for the reasons. Re-press the Wi-Fi button on the printer and check the router. Enable the WPS pin and then check the printer. Choose your network from the list for connection. Now go to the commanding device which is connected to the network. Open a document and give the print command. Choose your printer name and the Epson will start getting the printout.

Epson printer not working error message when the commanding device doesn’t have the driver. After connecting the printer, inspect the driver on the connecting device. If you haven’t installed the driver then go to the Epson website. Download the driver of your model on the system. Run the Epson driver to install it. Again give the print command and now check for the error. For outdated drivers; update it easily from web Users can also reinstall the setup to fix the driver corrupted files or to install the latest version. Now after repairing the driver, you can take the printouts.