Find Out If IPL 2021 And England Series Will Be Played with Spectators in the Stadium?

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. People were locked inside their homes for a long time. When they did come out, there were a large number of precautionary restrictions that prevented people from meeting each other.

Sports Without Audiences

Obviously, various sports and players were also affected. There were no sporting activities for the period of lockdown and when they did start, it was without any audiences to cheer and root for them. It was after a lot of speculation and precautions that the sporting events around the world were allowed to take place at all. It was not only disheartening for the fans but the players were equally disappointed.

The Disappointed Cricket Fans

The tournaments were all delayed and the cricket sponsorships fans missed watching the favourite IPL matches in-stadia. They had to satisfy themselves by watching the live transmission of the matches. Nothing was the same as the life of the matches had been sucked out. They certainly did the best they could and the fans were actively cheering their teams through online modes.

What Is Next in the World of Cricket?

The next season of IPL is around the corner and people are waiting to know whether or not they will be able to watch matches like before. England’s tour of India is also an event that the fans are waiting for with great anticipation.

Prayers Answered?

The government has given the clearance for the stadium to allow spectators with 50% capacity. Yes, the fans can enjoy the cricket matches live sitting as a spectator in the stadium. It will not be the same thing as an overcrowded stadium, but it is a start, a step in the right direction. 2021 will not be another year of spectators sitting behind closed doors. The IPL 2021 and England tour of India will be played with people cheering for their favourite teams and players. Cricket will be alive again.

Guidelines to Be Followed

While the permissions have been granted, all the guidelines must be followed for the continued enjoyment of the game. The basic rule that needs to be followed is that the stadiums cannot be filled beyond half their capacity. All the other guidelines have been issued via a letter issued by the ministry of home affairs. CCTV monitoring will be used at the venues to detect any overcrowding at entry and exit points as well as in the seating area.

Prior permission will need to be taken from the local authorities before a match and the fans and BCCI can only hope that the pandemic will remain low-key and allow them to enjoy the sport once again.

Looking Forward to the Games

IPL is scheduled for the months of April and May 2021. The England tour is scheduled for February. While the first test match in Chennai was held without any spectators in the stands, permission has been granted for the upcoming match. The fans coming to watch the match must wear a mask, not have any symptoms of COVID and most importantly, maintain social distance. For the rest of the tournament, permissions will be granted based on the circumstances. The 3rd and 4th test matches to be played in Motera are also going to have spectators in the stadium.

The fans have a reason to celebrate and justifiably so, but they will have to keep their excitement under check for the fear of breaking any rules that might have them removed from the privileged position of being a spectator of their favourite game. To enjoy the game and to let others enjoy it too, the fans must follow the protocol.