Finding a Good Brazilian Restaurant in Houston

No matter where you’re from or where you’re headed in your life, your day can always be improved by a good steakhouse. Finding a good Brazilian restaurant in Houston can be like finding a glass of water in the middle of the Sahara Desert, but it is possible! In fact, if you ask any local what the best places are to eat in Houston, chances are a steakhouse will be amongst the top ten. After all, what makes for a better night out than good company, a solid piece of T-Bone steak cooked to perfection (medium rare for me, please), and an ice-cold glass of beer. If you do find something better, let me know (you can find me at the steakhouse).

What is a Brazilian steakhouse?

When you think of steak, do you instantly think of Brazil? Unlikely, but you may be surprised that while steak is eaten almost worldwide, it was the Brazilians that really made it special. Rather than order a single piece of meat and keep it all to yourself, it’s like a buffet of different meats conveniently brought over to your table throughout the night. It is actually a thing of dreams (a sweet, delicious, meaty dream). It’s like the Brazilians thought, why have only one plate of meat when you can have them all? Why get up and search for the next plate of meat when you can have the meat brought over to you? Genius! It really is the best of everything, all wrapped into one neat little package! A Brazilian steakhouse package! When you arrive at a good Brazilian restaurant in Houston (or anywhere really), you will pay a set price for the night, and the waiters and waitresses will walk up to you with plates of delicious and perfectly cooked meats for you to sample. So help yourself to sausages, steak, chicken breast, and our favorite – pork ribs (yes, please).

A good Brazilian restaurant in Houston will also have a salad bar and offer a variety of different sides and accompaniments. The best is always going to be the rice and beans (they’re a staple in South America for a reason), and of course, everyone’s favorite creamy mashed potato! What is it about potatoes and steak that goes so well together? There are also healthy green salad options to stop the spouse from nagging. Another reason why Brazilian steakhouses are among the best places to eat in Houston is that it is more than just being about the meat. It’s the whole atmosphere and the drinks. There are a variety of non alcoholic beverages and specialty cocktails, wine, and such an array of beer you will forget what country you’re in! Although every coming variety of meats may be tempting, make sure you keep room for dessert. The Brazilians know how to finish a meal, and you will not be disappointed. Whether you have a sweet tooth and think that no dessert is complete without chocolate, or if you prefer the classic cheesecake, there will be something for everyone!

Can you order online at a Brazilian steakhouse?

You have to keep in mind that part of the Brazilian Steakhouse experience is the experience itself. Many restaurants will allow for takeout and delivery; however, there is no way to get the full steakhouse experience if you order and eat at home. So this is one of the steakhouses you cannot order online in Houston. You can definitely hop online and view their menu to plan the perfect meal (this is highly recommended, so you aren’t too full when your favorite sausage dish comes out!). Making a reservation is highly recommended as the tables are limited (to ensure there is enough delicious food for everyone), and so you will want to avoid disappointment. If you have a special request, you can certainly contact them beforehand, and they may be able to cater for you. The best way to enjoy a Brazilian steakhouse is to turn up with an empty stomach and be willing to try a little bit of everything! Who knows, you may just find a new favorite cut of meat and have a new family favorite restaurant.