Fixing Company File Corruption Issue Using Quickbooks File Doctor

Quickbooks software is in the top demand of professional accountants and company owners due to its capability of handling complex financial tasks at your fingertips. The software contains crucial data in the company files which is required to enhance the productivity of the businesses.

Losing, missing, or damaging the Quickbooks data can be a daunting experience if you have no backup. All your time, patience, work, etc will be nothing but a waste. So, you must fix it as soon as possible. Relax, you can repair your company file data by using some of the repairing tools such as Quickbooks File Doctor.

We are here with this informative post to tell you why your QB company file (QBW) becomes damaged or corrupt and how you can easily repair it.

Factors Leading To Company File Corruption Issue

Certain reasons are behind this issue and learning those factors will help you in the fixation process as well as prevention of the error. Let’s look at the main causes:

  • Excessive working on QuickBooks.
  • Insufficient memory in the RAM.
  • Virus attack and multiple users that might clear the system’s database.
  • Issues internet, cable, and hard disk
  • An inappropriate shutdown of the system. (For example- Directly switching off the button. It leads to data damage.)
  • The file size exceeding the limit.
  • A sudden power drop or surge in absence of UPS also affects your hard drive.

Here’s How you can Identify Company File Corruption Issue

Below are some problems explained that you can encounter due to a damaged or corrupt QB Company File:

  • Missing/lost transactions from Lists.
  • Invalid entries in the list.
  • Mismatch in the total assets of your balance sheet means there are discrepancies in total liabilities and equity. 
  • An immediate shutdown of QB while trying to save or remove a transaction.
  • QuickBooks software starts running slow and tasks taking a longer time.
  • Account names are preceded by (*) because the real accounts are lost or missing.
  • Negative balance appearing in the transaction History.
  • Paid invoices and bills showing as unpaid.

Prevention Tips For Corruption of QB Files

You must remember that saving your data is a good practice because once you lose the data you will find it difficult to regain it. Besides this, there are more tips to prevent data loss mentioned below:

  • Firstly,  create a data backup in the database or any other location.
  • Run your antivirus from time to time to prevent viruses.
  • Decrease the third-party tools and the users.

Fixing Company File Corruption Issue Using Quickbooks File Doctor

Once you have thoroughly understood all the above-mentioned details such as causes, signs, preventions, etc, we believe it’s time to fix this error automatically by Quickbooks File Doctor download. Let’s begin.

Using Quickbooks File Doctor 

This tool is capable of fixing corrupt files and data, Windows setup issues, and problems related to network setup. Check out the steps:

Step 1: Downloading QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Close QuickBooks.
  • Visit Intuit site and download the latest version of the QB tool hub,
  • Open the file- (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  • Step by step, complete the onscreen instructions to finish the installation. Approve the terms and conditions.
  • Once the installation is done, tap twice on the icon of QB tool hub on your desktop. If you can’t spot the icon, tap on “Start” and write “QuickBooks Tool Hub” in the vacant search field. Then choose the program.

Step 2: Running Quick Fix My File

  • Open the QB tool hub, and hit the tab on “Company File Issues”.
  • Then tap on “Quick Fix my File”.
  • Hit “OK” once you are done then launch QB.

If you are still being troubled by the error or can’t access the company file then jump to the next step.

Step 3: Running QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Open tool hub, choose “Company File Issues”.
  • Hit “Run QuickBooks File Doctor”. The tool will open within a minute. If the tool does not open then browse “QuickBooks Desktop File Doc” to manually access it.
  • Inside Quickbooks Doctor, choose the company file. Note-  If you are unable to spot your file then tap on “Browse and search the file.
  • Going further pick the option “Check Your File” followed by clicking “Continue”.
  • Fill in your QB admin password and hit “Next”.

Note: The scanning process will take time to finish as per your QB file size. It can take 2-5 minutes to complete. After completing the scan, open QB and the company file also. 

This is how you can utilize Quickbooks file doctor to save your company file from corruption.

To Wrap Up

We firmly believe that by now you are well versed with the causes, symptoms, prevention, and fixation process for the corrupted company files. By using Quickbooks file doctor you can easily tackle the problems related to company files and prevent them from getting damaged. 

On the off chance, if you want more guidance then we recommend you to coordinate with Quickbooks customer support. You can contact them via phone number/chat/email and tell them your query. The experienced team is capable of handling all kinds of QB issues instantly.