Flaunt Your Gold Earring with Heritage Style

Earrings forever have been a mandatory part of adornment rituals for women across every generation and the worldover. Such is the prominence that there are limitless choices and unending styles. While there are a lot of earring categories that personally interest Indian women are traditional designs for adorning on all those umpteen festivities,  conventional styles for office wear, freestyle earrings such as the hoops, loops, Huggies for all those casual occasions, weekends, get-togethers, etc.

While there are a number of earring categories, we have a selection of three categories that top the list in earrings, making them the most chosen for best-known reasons.

Traditional gold Earrings

Traditional gold earrings come in the most artistic forms, they are a treasure of Indin architecture, temples, carvings, sculptures, and master craftsmanship. They range from oversized peacock models to nature-inspired floral blooms, that’s not all a simple search for traditional gold earrings online will lead you to several designs that are populated with great Indian temple architecture- you can find miniature versions of pagodas with dancing damsels skirting or rimmed with festive rangoli patterns, Jhumkis soaked in gemstones, etc.

The traditional patterns are extensively used for weddings, as festive wear, and are embraced seasonally by every woman in some way or the other.

Gold Earring with a modern vibe

The second category of earrings is the earrings that carry a modern vibe. Between the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to dress at our best. The earring such as hoops, loops, the Huggies, drops, chandeliers, etc. Though all of them are different from each other they are simple, sophisticated, and can be a go-to style for many occasions, or simply for daily use.

Another earring style that simply carries a mode vibe is the Sui Dhaga earrings- they are everything a modern woman can ask for. Sleek, effortless, charming, lightweight- they can easily blend into formal wear or can be a great match to your Indian wear too. They come in lower weight ranges i.e. as less than 5gms. Because of their minimalist nature, they are preferred by millennial women. They are found in diamond variations too, or if you are someone who craves to be versatile then go along and get a bespoke piece designed exclusively for you. Whatever it may, a Sui Dhaga should hold that place in your treasure chest.

Matching gold earrings

Wondering what role a pair of matching gold earrings can do to your entire outfit, well it can practically accentuate your glam quotient by a notch higher. Wondering what actually match gold earrings are? They are the ones that complement your other ornaments such as the necklace, bangles, ring or your pendant, etc. For example, when you see mangalsutra online, they are often accompanied by a set with matching earrings, bangles, rings, etc. Buying a matching pair of earrings along with your existing Jewellery is a great way to complement your style.

This way you can use earrings and the corresponding matching ornament together to create your own magical style goals. Another way is to accumulate gemstone earrings to match your attire. Gone are the days where only simple Rubies, Emerald, and Sapphires were considered. Nowadays, multiple precious and semi-precious gemstones are increasingly used to make Fine Jewellery such as tourmalines, tanzanites, garnets, Aquamarines, etc. Perhaps, now is the time to make these offbeat pieces a part of your Jewellery chest.

While earrings offer a great style statement, they can also be a powerful tool of self-expression. So indulge your heartful with different earrings and flaunt your style like never before.