Foods That Help During Gum Diseases!

Gum diseases or periodontal diseases are prevalent nowadays; gum diseases are challenging to treat if not diagnosed quickly. However, you can fight gum disease by following these three steps: 

  • Professional care.
  • Good oral hygiene.
  • A diet plan that helps fight gum diseases.

Moreover, you can contact a dentist in Dacula, GA. The dentist can guide you with a professional and customized plan to help you treat gum diseases efficiently. In this post, we will briefly discuss the foods products that help prevent or treat gum diseases. 

  1. Nuts and seeds: These include nuts, pistachios, and some seeds. These products are rich in omega-3s, and omega-3s are anti-inflammatory and help fight gum diseases. These products are also rich in nutrients such as fiber.
  2. Salmon and other fishes: Salmon, herring, mackerel, and other fatty fishes are also rich in omega-3s, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Fishes are also rich in other nutrients which help to strengthen the immune system. 
  3. Beef: Beef contains a lot of collagen and is also rich in omega-3s sectional sofas. The inflammation caused due to gum disease can lead to collagen degradation. Therefore, the patient needs to consume adequate collagen to make up for the loss. 
  4. Chicken: Chicken is rich in collagen and Co-enzyme Q10. People with sufficient amounts of Coenzyme Q10 are less likely to develop gum diseases, as it has antioxidant properties. The antioxidant property helps with inflammation caused by gum diseases.
  5. Broccoli: Broccolis are rich in vitamin C, and vitamin C has antioxidant properties. So it helps with inflammation caused by gum diseases. Broccoli is also inversely associated with periodontal diseases. 
  6. Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are a good source of many nutrients. However, in this case, we consider the high content of beta carotene in sweet potatoes, as beta carotene is a provitamin and participates in the formation of vitamin A. It is also noted that beta carotene helps reduce inflammation. 
  7. Green tea: An essential nutrient in fighting gum diseases is catechins, and green tea is rich in catechins. Catechins consist of phenols and antioxidants. They also inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and prevent inflammation in the gums.
  8. Bell peppers: Red and green bell peppers are rich in vitamin C. These contain more vitamin C than oranges. 

These food products mentioned above have great value in treating gum diseases and should be included in the diet to prevent further progression of gum diseases. Moreover, a healthy person who does not have any issues related to gums can also include these products in their diet to prevent gum diseases.