For the love of Electric Scooter

Why E-Scooters were built?

Motorsports is one of the loved sports in the whole world. The flexible and alterable nature of motor vehicle engines has led enthusiasts to make constant experimentation to develop new automobiles for commutation on different terrains. With the ongoing gasoline crises all over the world and due to strict laws for the prohibition of carbon emissions, motor vehicle enthusiasts have crafted micro-mobility vehicles to cope with these strict laws and shrinking buying power due to inflation all over the world. The resulting device is called Electric Scooter. Moreover, these scooters can be considered as a present-day replacement for old-school paddling bicycles but with a hint of technology and are more efficient.

Specs of these Scooters:

Electric scooter and motors are day outdoor vehicles for those who love riding with an adventurous mindset.  It uses the brushless or brushed electric motor to power-up scooter chassis with a capacity of speeding up to 20 mph. With that much acceleration power, brakes are the most important feature to ensure safety of the rider. It uses a combination of disc and hydraulic set of brakes or disc and cable brakes, depending on the purchased variant. 

The world of motorsports is left incomplete without making alterations and modifications to the standard vehicle chassis. Enthusiasts of scooters have conquered the high-speed racing world of sports making customized changes to their scooters. The highest recorded speed at National electric drag association for a scooter is 197.2 kph. This is proof of immense capability in terms of tailoring flexibility. 

What we offer?

At electro-monsters, the customers are offered a wide range of scooters in the categories of; INOKIM, KAABO, and LANGFEITE with a variety of parts for every scooter such as mini-motor fingerprint device, Schrader, folding lock button, fast charger, tires, etc. and add on accessories such as metal phone holders, Velcro strap and many more. All these are specially designed by the technological experts at electro-monster. However, not all scooters are designed here. Electro monster has partnered with two of the most admired producers which are high-end as well to provide the customers with a life-style of urban transportation.

Why it should be the choice for all? 


This company is innovative in designing cutting-edge features for, the design is sleek and smart and is admired by everyone. 


The prices offered by this company are affordable and make every buy of the customers the best buy. The electric scooters, though are modern and the designs are that of high-end products, are very affordable and do not go beyond the buying power of the customers, providing both an elite look and low prices. 

Quality the top priority:

It is the first and foremost priority of the company to provide a quality product as it is believed that customers will only remain loyal to us if we give them loyalty first and the first step in developing this relationship is to provide them with a reliable product which is both of high quality and gives value for money. In the end, we sell an experience and not just a scooter.