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Solar panels

Do you dream of a lighter energy bill? Do you want to learn Best Solar Panel Company in Pakistan more about the world of renewables and discover all its advantages? Keep reading this article for more information on solar panels!

What are the prices of solar panels?

The price of solar panels depends on various variables such as, for example, the number of inhabitants of the house and the average annual consumption. For this reason, it is always important to consult with experts. Below, however, you will find a table with indicative prices for some solutionsRequest quotes to install solar panels.Solar panels have become, over the years, less and less expensive, only recently reaching a stable price. For this reason, now is the perfect time to take action and install them.

Solar panels

Why install solar panels?

Solar panels have found fertile ground in our country: Italy has been recognized by the International Energy Agency (IEA) as the first in the world for the use of solar energy, which covers 8% of its consumption, followed by Greece and Germany. If you want to equip your home with solar panels, you have chosen the perfect moment! The prices of the panels, in fact, have fallen year after year. But how much can their installation cost?

What are solar panels?

These are technological devices capable of exploiting solar energy  for the production of electricity or for heating domestic water.

photovoltaic panels ;

thermal solar panels .

While the former are used for the production of clean energy, the latter exploit the sun for the production of domestic hot water.

Which system to choose for solar panels?

Now, if your interest converges towards the installation of a photovoltaic system, the price of the same essentially depends on the following factors:the type of silicon that makes up the photovoltaic cell: monocrystalline, polycrystalline or amorphous;

the size of the plant. It must be kept in mind, in any case, that the choice of the type of panel and the size of the system constitute two dependent variables: the more the system is energy efficient, the less space it occupies.

Other variables of solar panels

In any case, the type of material making up the panel is not the only aspect that affects the size of the system. In fact, they also depend on two other factors:

  •  energy consumption;
  • the area available on the roof.

Energy utilization relies upon the size of your home and the quantity of individuals living there. The annual energy consumption of a small house with two people is around 3200 kWh. If you now divide this by 0.85 you will get an estimate of the power needed to cover your needs.

  •  The photovoltaic system: operation, types and yield
  • The operation of solar panels
  • The photovoltaic system is composed of modules that convert solar energy into direct current. In turn, this is converted into alternating current via an inverter .

The types of photovoltaic systems

The photovoltaic systems can be:

 isolated (stand-alone);

connected to the electricity network (grid-connected).

The stand-alone systems are not connected Solar Panel in Lahore to the electricity grid, providing a solution in those cases where connection is not possible, such as in mountain huts. Grid-connected systems are hardly able to cover the energy needs of a family but can contribute significantly to lighten the bills. In cases where the energy generated by the system exceeds the needs (this happens more often in the case of industrial buildings), it can be fed into the grid.

  • The performance of solar panels
  • The performance of solar panels depends on:

type of modules chosen;

  • component quality;
  • direction of the boards (the ideal direction is towards the South);
  • tendency of the boards (the ideal tendency is around 30 °);
  • absence of shading;
  • place of installation (irradiation is greater in Southern Italy and less in the North);
  • weather
  • monocrystalline;
  • polycrystalline;
  • with amorphous silicon.

Solar panels with monocrystalline silicon are the most expensive and those with the highest performance and are recognized by their black color. The polycrystalline ones have a simpler and faster production process. For this reason, their cost, as well as their performance, is lower than monocrystalline panels. On a practical level, however, the differences between the two variants are not too great – especially in the case of domestic installations and the two options are both of excellent quality.

Solar panels

The figure shows the distinction between monocrystalline (left) and polycrystalline (right) sunlight based boards. Finally, the panels with amorphous silicon are the type with the lowest performance and the lowest cost: these do not use silicon crystals like the two previous types, but silicon powder. This makes their structure flexible, an aspect that can be useful when installing a system. Due to their lower performance, they occupy a larger surface area than poly and monocrystalline implants.

The benefits of solar panels

Becoming part of the world of renewables entails Solar Energy in Pakistan countless advantages that affect the family unit as much as the environment in which we live. Photovoltaics produce clean energy, without CO2 emissions and reduce our dependence on the price of alternative raw materials on the market. They also lead to a tangible reduction in bills and allow us to save money that we can then use for other purposes. In addition to this, the value of a house equipped with a photovoltaic system increases and this represents a strength in view of a possible future sale.