From Harry Potter to Clark Kent, Pick Your Nerdy Hero Look With These 5 Amazing Spectacles

Men’s specs and their designs have long grown away from conventional designs that favoured function more than aesthetics. Rather than being predictable and conventional, spectacles have undergone a pop-culture resurgence as the unassuming, nerdy guy’s quintessential accessory. The style has effortlessly made its way into popular culture, so much that people can don a variety of spectacles to add a nerdy and stylish touch to their everyday ensembles. If enigmatic characters like Harry Potter and Clark Kent still hold strong within pop culture, then nerdy spectacles are here to stay. 


To extend a subtle nod to the fantastical exploits of these nerdy heroes, you can also don spectacles to embrace your nerdy quirks. Stylish, functional, timeless, and best-fit men’s specs uplift the features and adds depth to your overall appearance are always a great investment. Like the heroes mentioned, these spectacles can be instrumental in giving you a subtle and effortless makeover as per your style preferences. Men’s specs can be a great space to experiment with your personal style. Therefore, let us look at these amazing spectacles for your ideal nerdy hero makeover!


Black Rimmed Wayfarer Spectacles


The image of Clark Kent deftly taking off his Black Rimmed Square Spectacles right before he transforms into Superman is one of the most memorable moments in pop culture. It inspired the way trendy black rimmed spectacles came into vogue, where every man embraced his style and nerdy appearance and elevated it with a pair of the iconic black square spectacles. These glasses are a great option for men looking for a fail-proof change into something more stylish yet understated. The unassuming design works incredibly in lifting your facial features, and makes you look ready to take on the day.


Black Oval Rimmed Spectacles


These oval spectacles also work in a similar vein. The design for these spectacles is leaner and bulkier on the temples, which can help balance out rounder face shapes. The black is a classic choice if you do not wish to push for any experimentation, but the oval lenses are a subtle change from the norm. The contrast in shapes and frame sizes is what makes it a great pair for the nerdy hero within you to elevate your daily look.


Clubmaster Spectacles


The design meant for the gentleman nerd that appreciates vintage styles is the Clubmaster men’s specs. These glasses are heavy on the browline and leaner around the temples, keeping the lower half of the lenses rimless and giving an intellectual and chic appearance to your face. The Clubmaster is an ingenious mixture of gentlemanly air and approachability, making it a great match if you like to quietly mingle but also like to stand out. These spectacles complement all ensembles, making them a classic version of nerdy hero looks.


Round Rimmed Spectacles


Harry Potter’s perpetually cracked round eyeglasses became a cultural phenomenon within the masses as soon as they were visualised in cinema. The glasses quickly became a must-have for avid fans, but one might often miss the effortlessness of its design throughout its place in fashion and accessories. Round men’s specs have been around before Harry Potter, as seen on John Lennon as well. These glasses can be a timeless addition to your collection of men’s specs. They are lightweight, durable, and versatile to be worn with all kinds of ensembles.


Grey Rectangle Spectacles


An opposite to the round spectacles, these grey rectangle men’s specs are a definition of the urban colour palettes finding their way into daily eyewear collections. Grey and its cool tones can be a great departure from the dark outlines of classic spectacles. This version made with a rectangular frame design is meant to be more playful and youthful for those who do not like dark frames. While staying true to their nerdy origins, these rectangle spectacles for men are a way into new designs that one can expect in the next few decades.

Nerdy looks have borne a certain reputation since time immemorial. But with heroes like Harry Potter and Clark Kent, glasses have become a medium of transformation. They are the centre of styles for men’s specs. If you are looking to own a pair of nerdy and trendy spectacles, you can explore options from brands such as Fastrack Eyewear and browse through unmatched prices and quality guarantees.