Fleas are not just a pesky nuisance, but they are much more than that. There is a very close relationship between your pet and fleas. Most of the time your pets bring them from outside of your houses like yards or other animals. Yes! It is your pet that invites fleas into your house. The most amazing fact about fleas is they are found near the resting place of your pet. Why? Because they feed and lay eggs while your furry pet is sleeping. No doubt fleas can make your life miserable.

They don’t only bite your pet but they also bite humans. A flea bite can cause an allergic reaction to your body. They are parasites that feed on blood. Keeping in mind the consequences of flea infestation, you should avoid dealing with them on your own. Hiring a flea control service in Alkimos will always save you time and money. Before going forward with other facts of fleas let us see how flea infestations look like.

Signs of flea infestations

You may notice flea infestations when they start hampering your daily activity. How? Flea bites can be very itchy and irritating. Also if you see your pet constantly scratching its body, then be aware there are high chances it is homing some fleas into its body. In addition to that, you may also spot some fleas jumping and crawling near the resting area of your pet.

What should be your first step once you see signs of fleas in your pet?

If you see any sign of flea infestations in your pet, it is better to isolate that infected pet from your other pets. Remember bathing is not enough to get rid of fleas. You must groom your pet. In fact, combing and vacuuming are some of the most effective methods to eliminate fleas from the infected pet.

However, it should never be ignored that fleas can reproduce and spread at a very fast rate, thus it gets important to get the top Pest Control Services in Alkimos. If any pet is infected there are high chances that fleas may have reached most of the corners of your house especially carpets and curtains. Therefore it becomes crucial to call the best pest controllers before it gets too late.

How can professional pest controllers help in getting rid of pets?

Professional pest controllers are trained individuals, they know everything about fleas. It is very important to consider the type of infestation and species of flea along with many major and minor details, and they clearly seem a task of experts. Let us see what steps professionals follow.


In this step Pest control services in Alkimos inspect your house properly. During the inspection, they make sure about the type of flea and their infestation. They thoroughly look at each corner of your house along with the resting place of your pet. This helps them in making a better treatment plan.


After a good inspection, pest controllers vacuum all the affected areas with industrial vacuums to kill fleas. However, treatment completely depends on the severity of flea infestation. If it is very severe professionals may use flea fumigation. Organic insecticides are also used widely these days. One of the advantages of these treatments is they are completely safe for your pets.


Once pest controllers are done with the treatment. It is very important to clean every corner of the house with a vacuum cleaner. It will clear all the post-treatment residues. Washing bedsheets and curtains along with other fabrics with hot soapy water can be very beneficial. Do not forget to vacuum your carpets, they are very prone to trap fleas within them.

Prevention against flea infestations

To prevent fleas from entering your house, it is very important to inspect your pets regularly. Keep them clean as much as you can, combing and vacuuming them play a very significant role in preventing them from flea infestations. You can also call flea control services in Alkimos for regular check-ups. Once fleas enter your house it becomes very troublesome to get rid of them. Therefore it is always better to stop them from entering your house in the first place.


Fleas are not unexpected. They can infest your house especially if you have pets. They are very common and can be found throughout the planet. There are ample amounts of pesticides available to kill them. But you must know you should always be resistant to using any kind of random pesticides.

Chemical pesticides may help you to get rid of fleas but they can be very harmful to your pets. Most pest control companies use organic pesticides as a last resort to eliminate fleas. Therefore, you are always advised to ask your pest controller before using any kind of pesticide on your pets.