Get A Golden British Shorthair Kitten

There are almost 40 breeds of cats, and you have to choose one of them. You have to choose according to the demand and energy level that you need. There might be a question that how can you find a cat breeder to buy a kitten for you? Or how would you know which car breeder is best to buy from? Buying a cat is a bit difficult. You have to consider so many things before you buy a British shorthair kittens for yourself. Here are some facts that you should consider before buying a Golden British Shorthair.

Facts About Golden British Shorthair

There are some facts about British shorthair that you should know:


A British shorthair is a powerful cat with heavy muscles and around thick appearance. The British shorthair has a very different personality than other breeds of cats. They are very likely to be your companions. These cats are fiercely loyal and will attach themself to every member of the family very easily. They love to play with owners and toys. They don’t need hourly attention; if they need to play, then they will find the toys themselves and will play on their own. British shorthair is very adorable and is very suitable for cats for the single person living at home. 

Living With

The British shorthair is a muscular cat and hence requires proper maintenance of health and nutrition. Despite his being heavyweight, you need to control his diet and feed to not get out of the condition. They need regular exercise that you should help them to do. This exercise is good to maintain their body and shape. They will love to play with cat toys, and if they don’t find one, they will find anything to play with. They need regular grooming services such as brushing their hair etc. hair can get knots if not brushed properly over some time. 

Golden British Shorthair

British shorthair loves to play with you, but they also love to spend time alone sleeping under the son. This is simply an easy cat to take care of. 


If we talk about the history of Golden British Shorthair, they came from British farms and streets. They are professional cat breeders and fancy cats. Today, they are considered worldwide for their beautiful appearance. There are a variety of British cats, such as British Blues and British shorthair. British cats are one of the oldest recognized cats so far. They have soft fur on them that needs to be brushed properly after some time. You can have them in any colour and any size that you want. 


When it comes to the temperament of the British shorthair, they are one of the most active cats around the world. They are not easy to beat in any case. These cats are smart and play with you affectionately. They are very easygoing and will be franked with every one of your family in no time. They need some love that you can give them by just having them on your lap and waving your hand in their fur. 


If we talk about care, the British shorthair needs some nail trimming, brushing of hair, dental care and vaccination. Every cat needs to be vaccinated from time to time for proper health care. You should also check their ears and nose regularly. You should take them to doctors for their regular checkups for their good health. They will give you affection and loyalty in return for all this care that you have given to them. 

What to Expect from Your Cat Breeder to Buy a Golden British Shorthair?

There are some recommended breeding policies that every breeder should follow. Good breeders have to be registered for vaccinations or tests on GCCF. They have to give you all information about the breed that you want. It is because you can know everything about a cat, such as what to feed or when to vaccinate them. It is their responsibility to tell you everything about a cat to avoid any bad circumstances after that.

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