Getting Ready to Welcome the New Member? Things to Know before the arrival of the Puppy

Covid-19 restricted the lives of people inside four walls of a room. It is a dire time when people cannot see and spend time with people other than their family members. Of course, having time to spend with the family members is a great blessing but will it be more fun to get an adorable, affectionate and tiny puppy to the home? Puppies are something an animal lover cannot resist. But most people get a dog before knowing what and how to get ready for one. There are many things to learn about, from the type of breed to the natural dog food. An impulse to get a dog to the home brings a bunch of happiness but wouldn’t it be better if the things are done with some research, responsibility and proper education?

Read the article more to get more tips that make the puppy’s life much easier with the new family.

1)Make sure about the time to get a puppy

As mentioned above, these tiny creatures are irresistible, but it is also a known fact that they are time-consuming. If the person had no pets before, they wouldn’t see the difficulty of keeping one. It requires a ton of commitment to raise a puppy and even more for an adult dog dining table set online. It is essential to feed the dogs at least four times a day and what is more important is to get them natural dog food. Also, they should be adequately trained to excrete appropriately after eating and drinking. It is not a good idea to leave the young puppy alone in the house. So, the one getting this adorable creature should adjust their time schedules by prioritising the pup.

2) Which breed suits the home?

After knowing the pros and cons of becoming an owner of the dog, the next thing to decide is to choose the dog breed. It is better to list a variety of species according to the preference for an easy job. Size and hair type are the most common criteria considered by the owners. If the space seems to be actually small, go for a small puppy. Giant dogs need space, and they are expensive as they need more food supplies and medicines. Some dogs are very active, while the others are quiet and calm. Some dogs shed very little while the others shed more. Consider these factors and check whether the person can afford them.

3) Is it necessary to stock up Dog supplies?

There are plenty of things necessary to do before getting the puppy home. Natural dog food is the priority in them. The adjustable collar gives a great look to the doggie, and it would be amazing with an ID tag. Buy a dog bed and build a kennel for it. There are simple dog toys available in the market now, like squeaky toys and chew toys. To eat food, choose ceramic or metal bowls. It is better to avoid plastic tubs as they cause skin irritation.

 4) Keep in touch with a veterinarian

Visiting the vet with the puppy soon after reaching home is mandatory. Check whether there is a vaccine due. It is vital to know about the health conditions and medications required for the doggie. There is no way other than to find a good vet beforehand to ensure all these things. Go for a reputed vet in a convenient location.

5) Proper education to Raise them correctly

Pups need special care and attention like a human child. Only proper and systematic care can help to raise the doggie correctly. Chart a healthy diet for them. House training is a necessary thing to do soon after the pup’s arrival. Try to socialise with the dog. Take it for walks and different places. Get proper vaccination for it.