Give a child the gift of adoption

Adoption is a life-altering and positive experience, which may have an unimaginable influence on everyone involved in the process. Not only can it serve the adoptive parents, who have oftentimes tried for years to add a child to their families, but also the birth parents and, more specifically, the adopted child. Whether you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or grappling to add a child to your family, there are countless reasons to contemplate adoption. 

Learn a little about the benefits of adoption so you can make a knowledgeable decision about what is right for you and your family if you wish to adopt a child in India

Advantages of Adoption for Adopted Children are listed below: 

  • Adopted children are placed within families who have devised, anticipated, and longed for a child. These adoptive parents have certainly completed the home study process to ensure they provide a stable, loving home. 
  • Adopted children usually grow up with possibilities they may not have had contrarily, such as the chance to attend college. 
  • They are raised understanding they are loved not only by their adoptive families but also by the birth parents who selflessly laid them for adoption to present them with a better life. 
  • Adopted children have better health and receive more one-on-one attention from their parents, which leads to improved school performance. 

Advantages of Adoption for Adoptive Parents are listed below: 

  • Adoption enables adoptive parents to become parents when they may not have been able to otherwise; it is a popular alternative for same-sex couples, single people and those grappling with infertility. 
  • Adoption allows adoptive parents to add a child to their family and also to develop special relationships with their child’s birth parents and extended family members. 
  • Without adoption, many eager parents would never have got to experience all the joys and rewards of raising a child.
  • Adoption, today, allow birth mothers and adoptive families to grow together to make positive choices that not only benefit each other, but also their children, extended family members, neighbours, teachers, and anyone else who is emotionally impressed by their adoption story. 

Truly, adoption can benefit our society and nation at large. It will enable and empower many individuals to help better the lives of one another. Our children are truly deserving of a community and society that fosters the sentiment of oneness and solidarity. 

If you wish to adopt a child in India, reach out to Save the Children. 

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