Global Paradise: What Makes Dubai the Ideal Place to Live?


The metropolitan city of the world, Dubai, has done what none could ever imagine. Now labeled as one of the fastest-growing cities in the world with respect to population, investments, and economic rates these reasons are more than enough to make one move to Dubai with the prospect of living.

If you are planning to move to somewhere in the Gulf, none can do better than Dubai. Home to amazing attractions, entertainment and let’s not forget the famous shopping malls and festivals to the tallest building in the world, Dubai is home to some of the most pretty amazing adventures. If you haven’t made your move to Dubai or are having second thoughts then you need some convincing reasons to do so.

Twin cultures

Every city is a reflection of the culture, traditions, norms, and society. Like other popular European cities, Dubai is a fundamental city of luxuries and traditions all compiled together. Even if you can’t afford the high level of luxuries, Dubai is still reasonable for a lot of other options as well.

The shopping experience, for instance, is for everyone. If you thought owning diamond jewelry is impossible then imagine when you can buy bracelets in Dubai at cheap prices at shopping festivals. Dubai is livable even with your average standard brands. The twin cultured city is the perfect collage of old traditions (can be seen in the jewelry) and the urbanization of the communities.

Lifestyle Without Taxes

A tax-free lifestyle is what makes Dubai highly affordable for many people. The happiness to receive your tax-free salary is just divine. It’s not only the salaries that are tax-free in fact the food, restaurants, and other goods are untaxed too.

Not paying a huge load of taxes does reduce the consumer rates too so yes, you have a mighty chance to save loads of money too (if you are not an impulsive shopper).

Even the amenities are less expensive and you can buy the items you need at highly reasonable rates. Popular brands will tempt you so maybe once or twice a year you can reward yourself when the discount is high.

For the Love of Food

Dubai is in matrimony with the culinary world. At festivities like Christmas and especially the New Year’s people from all over the world book hotels in advance just to enjoy the festivals and events that take place at the year’s end.

If you are already living there you can save your money on the hotel and get to enjoy the Arabian food corners, whenever you want. Of course, this may not be the top priority when planning to move to another city. But for foodies, it’s vital to be able to go out and eat whatever they want to.

Dubai has got exotic menus you’d want to taste. So now you can have the chance to try the Lebanese street food like Al Mallah and Japanese food like Zuma and much more.

Advanced City of the Arab World

Look at the pictures of Dubai before the oil fields were discovered. All you’d be able to find will be the sand dunes and scorching sun. now enter the 21st century and people are always amazed at how truly the city has progressed over the decades. Now Dubai is known for its skyscrapers landmarks like Burj Khalifa and Burj-al-Arab.

The city planners of Dubai are big on using solar energy. And why shouldn’t they as they have been blessed with Sun all year round its convenient to build and buy solar products. Dubai has made lifestyle advances and easier thanks to technological upgrades.  So you’d want for nothing when it comes to the latest gadgets.

 Immersion of Culture

Dubai is a city of diversity. It comes as no surprise that a huge Asian population is also added with a large number of British and American expats, businessmen, and technological experts living under the same sun.

Even if you are an American-African you’d find living in Dubai easier and simpler. It’s rare not to find someone from the same ethnic group. This is perhaps one of the foremost reasons why people want to live in Dubai – the city welcomes diverse populations and is popular for this sole reason.

You can get to learn about various subcultures, religions, and people belonging to distinct nationalities.

So what do you think? Is Dubai your cup of tea for a living? Before you make the final decision it’s best to go online and google every latest update about the city from the best accommodations to the open job vacancies to schooling. Dubai is one of the rare places where you can get it all and live it all.

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