Great Vegetarian And Vegan Protein Sources To Consider

Proteins are highly important for our bodies as it breaks down into amino acids and promote cell repair and growth .Great Vegetarian And Vegan Protein Sources To Consider. At the same time, they do digest in a longer period than carbohydrates so you will be able to feel fuller for a longer period of time while consuming fewer calories. druid healer names

When referring to vegans and vegetarians, there is a big problem with protein consumption due to the fact that the best great sources of protein is meat, with eggs and dairy coming in second.

Great Vegetarian And Vegan Protein Sources To Consider

In many situations we see people that have these lifestyles faced with protein deficiencies which is definitely problematic since protein consumption brings in many advantages, including lowering heart disease risks

. You should learn all that you can about how to choose protein supplements in the event that you cannot get all that you need from food to avoid problems associated with the deficiency.

The good news is that there are various great protein sources that are available for vegetarians and vegans. The bad news is that many are not aware of them. Here are some that you will want to consider.

Green Peas

Most of the legume family is made out of foods that are great protein sources. One cup of green peas includes around 8 grams, which is around the same quantity as a milk cup.

You can try making a pesto out of the beans and it is definitely really easy to find this food at local supermarkets.

Protein Sources To Consider


Grains usually include small protein accounts. However, quinoa, which is basically a seed, stands out as unique in this group as one cup includes over 8 grams of protein.

To make matters even better, the protein that you get will include all the 9 essential amino acids that your body will

Great Vegetarian And Vegan Protein Sources To Consider
Great Vegetarian And Vegan Protein Sources To Consider

need for repair and growth, amino acids that cannot be produced alone.

Quinoa is quite versatile since it can be added to various dishes. You can even combine it with fruit and brown sugar in order to get a breakfast cereal that is quite tasty. Alternatively, add vegetables and vinaigrette in order to make a fresh summer salad.

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Nuts naturally include protein and healthy fats. That is why you see them in so many weight loss nutritional plans, even for those that are not vegetarians or vegan. The only problem is that they are quite high in calories.

As an example, pistachios and almonds include 160 calories per one ounce, out of which only 5 grams will be protein. We recommend the varieties that are dry roasted or raw.

Alternatively, consider nut butters as a very good source of protein. Just make sure that you will choose those brands that do not have extra ingredients. Aim for only nuts and salt.


There are various bean types that are available for you like white, pinto or black. They include high protein content with 2 kidney bean cups offering around 26 grams.

It is easy to buy dry beans and then just cook them after you soaked them in water for the night. Alternatively, buy canned beans.


Chickpeas are commonly referred to as garbanzo beans. They are legumes and you can easily add them to your salads or buy them salted and fried as a tasty snack.

Chickpeas are also pureed into hummus. Half of cup will bring in 7.3 protein grams, together with a reduced amount of calories and a high quantity of fibers.

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