Grow Your Multi-Services Business With Gojek Clone App

The world is dealing with a coronavirus situation right now and individuals avoid going outside of their homes as much as they can. To conveniently provide goods and services directly to their doorsteps, many offline vendors have begun developing their own mobile apps to serve customers in a better manner. And now it is the ideal time for startups and entrepreneurs to take a step into the development of a multi-service app like Gojek.

The GoJek application is a blend of 40+ on-demand services in a single application. Started in Indonesia in 2010, the GoJek app began as a simple transportation service that unseated Uber as the top position in the market. Following the success of GoJek, many entrepreneurs wanted to recreate the equivalent app for their endeavor and earn profits.

The Gojek clone app has work in 3 significant parts:

  1. Rides
  2. Delivery
  3. Services
  • For the Rides

When customers open the application, they see 3 options. If they want to book a cab, they simply click on the ride option. And after selecting the ride option, they will see a wide range of rides available in the application.

  • For the Deliveries

If customers want to get something delivered to their doorstep, they have to select this option. After selecting this option, they will able to see multiple sorts of deliveries such as food delivery, grocery delivery, courier delivery, flower delivery, alcohol delivery, medicine delivery, and many more.

  • For Services

If customers want to hire handyman services like a plumber, an electrician, locksmith, etc., they simply select this option.

Must-have features you should not be missed on your app:

Social media integration: User can sign in or signup through their social media accounts which make the login process easier.

Multi-language support: The application ought to support multiple languages that allow covering a huge customer base.

Live tracking: Allow customers to live track of the service providers and aware of the location.

Schedule bookings: Allow customers to schedule a cab as per their convenience. You can also allow them to book rides for others.

Push notifications: Send customers and service providers messages and keep them updated through push notifications.

Multiple payment options: The application should support multiple payment methods allowing users more transaction options like credit/debits cards, in-app wallet, COD, etc.

Here are some of the popular on-demand services offer by Gojek:

  • On demand ride-hailing apps
  • On demand medicine delivery apps
  • On demand fashion apps
  • On demand health apps
  • On demand roadside assistance apps
  • On demand plat delivery apps
  • On demand logistics service apps
  • On demand laundry service app
  • On demand house cleaning service app
  • On demand dog walking app

How to get started with building up an app like Gojek?

Discover the on demand services that are required by individuals in your area and make a list.

Recheck the list and search for the services that will benefit your business most.

Research the market to get familiar with your target customers and their requirements.

Find the niche where you target a maximum number of customers, you can optimize your Gojek clone script accordingly.

Make sure that your application developers integrate advanced features to make your app look stunning and unique.

The uniqueness of the application and its functionalities will add up to your USP.

Monitor all the current trends in the market and customize your app accordingly to attract more customers.

Wrapping up

To summarize, the Gojek clone app is one of the most powerful apps to do your business during this tough time. To ensure that the application that helps in moving your business in the right direction you must be sure that the app you select has all the required features and functionalities to support your business. Make sure that you only purchase an app from a reliable mobile app development company with years of experience in developing and launching such applications.