Guide to How to Change a Car Battery


So you want to know how to change a car battery? Whether it is out of gasoline, dead battery, or your car is not charging and you are desperate for a solution. Well, here is a how to guide for the most common troubleshooting and maintenance needs you will come across when tinkering with your car. There are 2 terminals on the back of your battery; positive and negative.

There are a few things that can cause this. First, if the battery has not been fully charged in the last 2 months, there is likely going to be a short circuit somewhere that is causing the positive current to flow into the negative. You can usually find where this is with an ohm meter. If you can not find it, your local auto parts store will have other ways to check for a short circuit. Once you have found the source of the problem, you will need to remove the negative battery.

The positive terminal connection on the positive wire needs to be detached from the negative terminal connection on the negative wire. Use a screwdriver or knife to pry off the positive terminal connection. This will let you see the wires that are exposed.

Now it is time to connect the new battery to the positive terminal connection using the new battery’s terminal screws. Screw in the new battery and reconnect the negative connection. You should now see 2 wires, one white and one black. The white wire is positive and the black wire is negative. These wires are the grounds of your new battery.

Next step is to use the replacement battery’s ratchet to loosen the screw that was attaching the positive and negative terminals together. Start by turning the ratchet clockwise. Keep turning the wrench until you loosen the screw completely. Once the screw is loosened all you have to do is to use the soldering gun to attach the positive terminal of the battery to the positive wire of the screw. The final step is to secure the battery using the ratchet again.

If your battery’s terminal does not fit on the terminal strip inside your car, you can use jumper cables to help you. The terminals are fitted with plastic prongs on the front and the back. First disconnect the negative cable from its terminal on the firewall. Then use a screwdriver to pry out the terminal from the positive terminal of the car battery. You can use jumper cables if the terminal does not fit on the plastic prong. This is done to help you make sure that the terminals will be compatible when you install the new battery.

Next step is to use a set of battery tightening bolts to loosen the bolts that hold the terminals in place on the battery. To do this, you have to remove the wheel cover. You have to get access to the positive and negative terminals by loosening the lug nuts with the wrench. Once you are done loosening them, you can remove it from the wheel.

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To complete the process, you have to remove the two nuts on the positive terminal connection. Once you have removed those nuts, you can remove the positive cable from the battery. You have to get access to the negative terminal connection by loosening the lug nuts again with the wrench. Then you can remove it from the car battery.

Then you have to loosen the six or eight screws that are holding down the battery. You can do it by using needle nose pliers. In order to loosen them even more, you can use screwdrivers.

Now you can replace the old battery with the new one. You have to place the new battery in your vehicle. Before installation, you have to ensure that the connection between the battery pack and the car battery is well secured. You can do this by tightening the lug nuts again.

After the connection is properly secured, you have to remove the positive terminal connection. You can do that by using the ratchet wrench. Then you have to loosen the negative battery terminal connection with the wrench.