Guide To Oktoberfest Tents

Oktoberfest Germany is the world’s largest beer festival, with parties held in huge tents.

Called by locals, the festival consists of 14 main tents, each with a capacity of 5,000 to 11,000, each with a completely different atmosphere.

Some tents are for families and some are for food, but they are also known for their large number of tourists. Most serve large quantities of beer, meat and other Bavarian dishes, one serving only fish.

Before you go, find out which tent is right for you. Here is a guide to all Oktoberfest Germany tents.

Käfers Wiesn-Schänke

Owned by one of Munich’s most famous restaurant owners, this relatively small tent offers excellent and incredibly expensive food. Famous for its roasted tent ducks, it is a target for gourmet and Munich cream de la creme as well as local and international celebrities. It opens later than other tents, but it can be difficult to get inside without a well-known name.


Due to its narrow side rather than the arterial road, this secluded store is one of the Bavarian shops and is usually crowded with Munich residents of all ages. It’s a fairly heavy party tent with 100 shooting poles at the back.

Faehndl winner

One of the largest tents that can accommodate 11,000 people, this tent is a colorful mix of young and old and can be easily identified by an 80-meter tower with a huge chunk of beer. Apparently he is a favorite of FC Bayern.


This is the oldest Oktoberfest Germany tent (since 1867) and where the mayor fired his first barrel. Many young people visit this tent frequently. The legal drinking age is 16 years old, so youth means youth.

Festzelt hacker

The ceiling here is adorned with the dramatic “Bavarian sky” (white and blue) built by an Oscar-winning production designer, which can be partially opened in fine weather. This tent is another local favorite, leaning on young groups, but also boasting an international crowd. It’s a little quieter than other tents during the day, but it gets noisy around 7pm.


One of the largest with 10,000 seats, this ultra-traditional tent is a favorite of tourists from different countries, represented by guests.


Another local favorite, said to resemble a small folk festival. This is a very traditional, party-oriented tent that is visited by visitors of all ages. It also holds an annual crossbow competition that attracts archers from all over Germany, with a shooting range behind it.