Guide to selecting the best plastic card printing service

Are you looking for a good plastic card supplier and printing company? Well, in that case, you’d probably need a company that is willing to offer quality products, on-time delivery, and good customer service. However, finding the right company or shop for the job is a challenging task, especially because there are several printers who claim to print plastic cards, but most neither have the right tools nor the experience for the job.

How to choose the best plastic cards printing service?

  • Quality materials – Always go for a company that uses quality materials, even if that ups the price to a certain extent. It’s worth noting that not all printing companies would be eager to use high-quality materials, as they always try to maximize profit. The few who do agree are the genuine ones. Find a company that uses crisp plastic and vivid inks to make your cards look the way you want them to be.
  • Custom sizes – Do you want your cards to look a bit different? Well, find a company that doesn’t mind working with custom sizes. Look for a supplier that is ready to match your business needs – that goes beyond the standard size and offers a wide range of options and card sizes.
  • Card finishes – Everyone wishes a card that reflects the brand and is somewhat different from the regular run-of-the-mill plastic cards. Think different! Try the silky matte finish, or perhaps a super glossy finish, or better go for a more tactile matte finish. Some of the more eye-catching finishes come at a higher price, and so, try finding a printer/ supplier who can provide a wide collection of card finishes at the same price range.
  • Pricing – It’s quite reasonable for you to go for a company willing to work according to your budgetary constraints. In fact, the best printing companies have honest pricing and have no hidden charges involved. They understand how extra charges can break your budget and that would in turn hurt their reputation. Also, find out if the delivery time impacts pricing, as sometimes if you can wait a little longer, you are assured greater cost-savings on the job.
  • Security features – It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, a hotel manager, or a spa manager, identification chips and magnetic strips are good to consider if you are serious about having a robust employee and customer management solution. These not only add a level of safety to your business or establishment but can also be used to dole out customer rewards and improving the overall customer experience.

Whom do we recommend?

Business plastic cards or ID cards don’t have to look drab. They can also be colorful and stylish. In fact, most businesses don’t want ordinary cards and look for other options, only they don’t get quality cards at affordable rates. This is why we recommend K12Print. Do you have a design in mind? Well, simply get in touch with the design team at K12Print. They are known for quality work and only offer the best results. So whether you are looking for membership cards, loyalty cards, ID cards, or something else, they’ve got your back. Also adding QR codes are an easy way to let people scan information, like a website URL, email address, or phone number.

To know more about K12Print and the services they offer, feel free to reach out through their website or over the phone. They offer a wide selection of finishing processes and use an array of premium materials for the cards.