Hairstyles That Are Always In Fashion


Being a man, we always stress about our hair especially when they get lighter or start to fade away. We put too much effort in choosing a right hairstyle that matches our personality to give us a proper masculine look. So, before our hair starts to fall, we should style them in full extent but rather than going with fashion trends we should focus and choose a traditional hairstyle that will always rock no matter how many trends shift by time.

To do that consult your barber and work with him to get and maintain a hairstyle that fits you better no matter how many new hairstyles you have got on your list or in fashion trends. Make sure your barber uses professional barber supplies, because after all using of right tools will give you a neat look and proper satisfaction of mind.

Let’s dive in and have a look at hairstyles that are always in fashion, and rock men’s fashion regardless of fashion trends that come and go by time.

High and Tight

This cut is also known as crew cut, and it is famous among marine corps so this cut can never go out of style. This look can be marked by fades on the sides by razor and a set of clippers. On top there are some slightly longer hairs. This cut was adopted by military barbers because it less time consuming and can be done within no time with proper styling to the sides and on top. You can also get this hair cut by yourself if you own a decent set of clippers; you can use number 5 on sides and number 3 on top, but for texture and styling you will need a proper stylist to get the job well done.


This hairstyle was originated in France by Madame du Pompadour for women. The hair was pinned on the top to give them a bulge and look more dramatic. In men this hair style doesn’t requires pin to keep them in a bulge shape but mostly hair product to hold them on top. Hair with a significant volume can hold itself on the top.

Side Parted

90’s fashion tried very hard to kill this style but some famous Hollywood celebrities like Ryan Gosling helped reviving it. This hair style requires a lot of volume on top, and if you try to embrace this hairstyle with shorter length or thin hair then it will result in like you are trying hide baldness on your head. This style requires a hard brush to style them and products like pomade if you want them to hold still for a day.

Slicked Back

This style is never out of fashion, but you have to be careful if you want to try this hair style and apply so many products you may end up looking like a villain of 70’s or 80’s film. If you have naturally curled or wavy hair then this hairstyle will be challenge to maintain for you. But this will be an ideal look for a man with straight hair.

Shoulder Length

Guys with curly hair can rock this look by letting their hair grow with there natural weight.  Layering and undercutting will also come in handy if you have a thick set of hair on your head. People with thin hair should avoid this will result in lifeless or flat hairstyle.


These are some of the famous and traditional hairstyles that never went out of fashion and still rocking with today’s new fashion trends. Be sure to consult a barber that stocks barber supplies high in quality and of course knows how to do the job professionally.

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