Hear What They Say About Ear CandlingThe History

Hear What They Say About Ear CandlingThe History

Dating back to 2500 B.C, ear candling is not new. The Egyptians have shown evidence that ear candling, or ear coning, was a practise in regular use. This very ancient art may have also been developed alongside the domestication of the honeybee as the bees wax is and remains a key component to the production of the hollowed out candles. Chocobo Names

Ear candles are typically handmade from beeswax and unbleached cotton cloths. These specially constructed candles are typically from nine to twelve inches in length and will burn solidly for tenwhole minutes. The time proven therapy of ear candling can be used in the removal of blockages from the ear canal, without the use of solutions, syringing or probes. The process of drawing toxins and softer waxes by turning them into vapours is known as ”convection”.

Ear candling, as it is commonly known, or at times Thermo Auricular Therapy or Hopi is a great simple natural therapy, which may be used to solve numerous ear problems such as tinnitus, sinusitis, glue ear, excessive ear wax, hay fever & rhinitus, colds and general hearing loss.

Most people who have tried it can swear to the value of ear candling in cleansing the ear canals and sinus passages.

The Process
The process involves placing a specially designed hollow candle just inside the ear canal. The candle is lit and the resulting vacuum it creates softly draws the impurities from the ear. Gentle popping may be heard and possibly a fire crackling sound.

The slow soft rising air gently helps massage the ear drum. There are some ear conditions where it would not be advisable to use ear candling such as: inflammation of the ear, perforation of the ear drum, infection of the ear, lack of ear drum, grommets, drains or ventilation tubes in ear and auricular cysts.

It would also not be wise to use ear candling as a therapy is you have had surgery on the ear within the last three months or if you have a candle wax allergy.

Have you tried ear candling?

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