Help the street children of India!

All over India, it is customarily seen that children beg for money that their instructors or parents waste on alcohol, illegal items, but seldom on the street children. When you think of how to help street children, you are often in two minds, thinking if the children will misuse the money by indulging in drugs? Or will they get to utilize the money? These thoughts are not new and are justified; however, this article will talk about how to help street children apart from just handing them some money. 

Pondering over ways to lend a helping hand to those forgotten children who rarely get help but deserve it the most, read further to find out how all of us can collectively touch the lives of street children: 

1) Educate street children through your knowledge: One does not need a physical classroom to teach children. All that is required is a will and a touch of compassion. Street children may need not learn about algebra, complex grammar rules, geographical longitudes, but they can certainly benefit from learning numbers, alphabets, primary calculations, easy sentences, etc. 

2) Serve and share your leftover meals: Every household, on one day or another, has leftover food. Instead of throwing it in the waste bin, one must get into the habit of packing the food in a box and giving it to the street children. If you happen to be part of a gathering like weddings or other social functions, you can simply reach out to your local NGO/organisations, who can pick up the leftover food and deliver it to children on the streets.

3) Share toys: We all have had toys or know of children who have outgrown theirs in our families and neighbourhood.  Instead of building on the clutter or discarding them, you can pass these toys down to the street children who may never get an opportunity to play with toys. Come together with your friends, co-workers, families and collect all the toys that are not being used and distribute them among the street children.

4) Use the power of social media: Social media is considered a powerful tool and can effectively bring a change in our society. For example, this tool helped Avijit Bajpai from Delhi form a Facebook group called Happy Birthday Bharat, which celebrated the birthdays of street children. Today, this group has 2,200 active members, and they have arranged birthday functions for over 200 children in 10 different cities, including Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.

5) Make a kit: During sales, you can purchase a bulk of items for a discounted rate. With all the items collected, you can make a kit of all season-specific items, and distribute it among the street children. For instance, in the summer season, you can make a kit consisting of glucose biscuits, energy drinks, and water bottles to keep street children hydrated. Likewise, a kit for the winters could include blankets, biscuits, etc. 

If you wish to make a difference with Save the Children – India’s leading child rights NGO, visit for all the information. 

Spread the word on how to help street children.