Here’s all you need to know about Transition lenses


Transition lenses

Transition lenses are photochromic lenses that turn dark in sunlight and become clear again when indoors (in the absence of UV rays), when you go outside and get direct exposure from UV rays they get activated. They are famous as colour changing lenses and are also referred to as light adaptive glasses. One of the most hassle-free and effective ways to protect your eyes from UV exposure is the transition lenses. They react to UV light rays causing them to darken or tint when exposed to the sun, providing 100 percent protection from UV rays, when UV rays exposure subsides the lenses become clear again, allowing you to protect your eyes without purchasing and caring about online prescription glasses. When you are in an indoor environment the UV rays get blocked and hence do not emit any adverse effect which as a result allows transitional lenses to stay in their original state. 

How Does it work – When you get exposed to UV rays, the molecules inside these lenses get activated, causing darkening of the lenses and hence protect you from the bad impact of UV rays. Usually, transition lenses darken after less than a minute when exposed to UV rays after 15 minutes they become even darker.  You can also learn about how to optimize google my business. Once the UV light subsides they come back into their transparent state. Earlier they were made of silver halide. Modern Photochromic lenses tend to be plastic instead of silver chemicals. They contain organic molecules called naphthopyrans that react to light in a slightly different way, they change their molecule structure when ultraviolet light strikes them.

Why do you need transition lenses?

Since they avert the harmful effect one can have while they are exposed to UV rays, they can be seen as the perfect choice for people who root for both comfort and fashion. Also if you are looking for cheap glasses online then go nowhere but give a whirl to transparent lenses. Transition lenses eradicate the need to buy online prescription glasses as it supports multiple functions. They work as sunglasses when you are out and also preclude you from catching eye-related diseases like cataracts. They are also very cost-effective and thus lie under the section of cheap glasses online. With transitional lenses, you end up getting the best of both (prescription eyeglasses and normal glasses). They can also work as an online prescription glasses substitution.

We are living in a time where everything is uncertain. People are struggling to meet their needs. People usually tend to give a second thought to fashion as it is touted as something which can cost people a lot of money. The same goes for eyeglasses, people have the wrong perception about eyeglasses. Gone are the days when they were only used by nerds or people who suffer eye-related problems, the time has changed and that too for better eyeglasses are slowly becoming a fashion symbol.  In fact, people who don’t possess any eye-related issues are also inclined towards eyeglasses as it adds traits to your personality. Wrong prescription glasses can give you headaches so it becomes imperative for one to keep both fashions and need in mind.

Why is it so fascinating?

Owing to the specific composition of lenses they absorb more light when exposed to ultraviolet lights and manage to captivate the potential buyer. We all like the convenience but to complement a multidimensional lifestyle you do not need to worry about online prescription glasses when you have transparent lenses as they work both ways, they protect you from harmful rays and also enhances your overall appearance. Also, they are very convenient as they save you from having to carry two pairs of eyeglasses and having to switch between them to meet different needs.  Transitional lenses are very useful for driving, sports, and outdoor activities. They are suitable for almost all kinds of frames and prescriptions. Hence it is not restricted to a particular set of audiences. Also, it keeps fashion in mind and also ensures your personality is not misconstrued when you put them on by the people you are surrounded with. As they are available in multiple colors and give you the freedom to wear them your way.  If online prescription glasses in any way stop you from exuding your personality then you must take a crack at transition lenses.

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