Here’s How to Use the 4 Back Cameras of Vivo Y30?


As a consumer, you want to get the best value for your money, and if you are a photography enthusiast, or prioritize cameras over other features in a budget-friendly smartphone, there are only one or two brands you can turn to. One of them is Vivo, which churns out excellent camera phones at various price points. 

One of its best offerings in the budget segment is the Vivo Y30, which is priced around Rs. 14,000. With impressive features such as 4GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, and a bouquet of other best-in-class features and specs, Vivo Y30 is understandably a popular option for teenagers and young adults.

One could also argue that this Vivo phones USP is its camera configuration. Not a lot of smartphones offer quad-rear cameras at this price point, but Vivo usually goes above and beyond its means to offer top-of-the-line features. With Vivo constantly talking about its cameras, and the OEM’s focus on becoming the best brand in the budget segment, one can understand why it decided to go all out with this smartphone model.

Vivo Y30 rear cameras

This Vivo phone comes with four rear cameras, stacked in a compact structure. The 13MP primary sensor works in tandem with the 8MP super wide-angle lens, 2MP super-macro lens, and the 2MP bokeh camera, enabling you to take professional-grade photos easily.

AI quad-cameras

The phone’s rear cameras are powered by artificial intelligence, which let you take crisp, elegant photos that are enhanced by AI. Furthermore, the super wide-angle camera enables you to capture 108-degree photos, after ensuring that there is no distortion in the images. The 2MP super macro lens provides 4cm focus, while ensuring that you can take exquisite photos of even the minute of things, such as the dewdrops in the mornings

Super-wide angle camera

The 8MP super-wide angle camera comes with a 120-degree horizontal view, and enables you to take photos of large gatherings, wide landscapes, or large cityscapes with ease. It comes in handy during situations when you have to fit a lot into the frame, and is one of the most exciting features of this camera phone.

Super-macro camera

Similar to the super-wide angle camera, this 2MP super-macro camera brings something more to the table. This lens lets you capture even the minute details with impeccable clarity. Furthermore, the 4cm focus of this lens lets you capture close-up photos of various objects, such as dewdrops on leaves, or even raindrops falling from the sky!

Stunning images with bokeh effect

The 2MP bokeh camera is the newest sensation in smartphone cameras, and lets users capture stunning images with mesmerizing, blurry backgrounds. This bokeh lens ensures that the subject’s background is out of focus, thereby creating a blur effect. Most professional photographers use bokeh effect to capture stunning images, and by using the bokeh camera, you can also take exceptional photos for your social media channels.

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