Historical Attractions in Arlington

A family fun-filled day out in Arlington, Virginia can be a great way to explore the history of this city. There are many historic attractions for families to visit such as the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery. The Kennedy Center is also an attraction that is popular with families since it features live performances from artists around the world. Take time to visit these sites on your next vacation!


Arlington, Virginia is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. It houses many national security and defense organizations. There are a lot of tour options available for visitors to enjoy.

The Pentagon is a large building with five sides and five floors. It was built in 1943 and was designed by George Bergstrom. The building is quite secure, so it’s not easy to just jump in. Visitors have to undergo a security clearance process before they can enter.

A tour of the Pentagon takes about an hour- or more depending on how much time you spend inside each area. Many tours use audio guides, which is great since that way you don’t miss out on any information

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery has become a national treasure. Originally it was the property of the United States government but now it has been turned into a public cemetery and is open to all citizens.

Arlington National Cemetery is one of the most visited places in the U.S. It is also considered as a museum and a place where people can pay their respects for fallen soldiers who have given their lives for their country.

Arlington’s popularity comes not only from its size, but also from its history and location which make it an interesting place to visit regardless of your interests or background.

George Washington’s House

In the 1800s, George Washington’s estate, known as The President’s House, was a grand residence with all the amenities including a cavalry stable and orchards.

One of the most famous places in America is George Washington’s estate in Arlington Virginia. Located on 3 million acres of land, it is one of the largest plantations in America and home to military horses and one of the country’s largest herds of feral deer.

The visit to George Washington’s house has become something for many Americans to do on their bucket list. The mansion is over 200 years old and features unique architectural elements like an octagonal room that was originally built as a drill hall for soldiers.

The Mall at Pentagon City

Whether you are a local or international traveler, The Mall at Pentagon City is a must-visit. It is a sprawling shopping mall that covers 330,000 square feet in Arlington, Virginia.

The Mall at Pentagon City has more than 180 stores and restaurants but what makes it really stand out is its indoor skydiving simulator. You can also enjoy ice skating on the rink located inside of the mall’s food court.

Arlington, Virginia is known for its great malls and outdoor adventures like kayaking and hiking along the Potomac River so it’s no wonder that this mall has something for everyone.

The Robert E. Lee Memorial

A visit to the Robert E. Lee Memorial is a must for any history buff. It’s a moving and inspiring site that tells the story of this famous Civil War general.

The memorial is located on land that was once part of Arlington National Cemetery, making it an interesting location for urban explorers. The memorial is also in close proximity to Washington DC, providing for a convenient day trip from this major American city.

The memorial was dedicated in May 1924 and features many sculptures representing Lee’s life as well as his legacy throughout American history.

Arlington Virginia is Great

Arlington is an extension of Washington D.C., and you can find many historical attractions that date back to the Civil War era, including some historic battlefields. You may love this city so much after your visit that you start looking for Arlington real estate!