Window Shades for French Doors in Chicago

A lovely breeze and warm rays of sunshine: with beautiful spring weather you prefer to have the door open all day long. But which window coverings are best suited for a patio door?

Window Shades for French Doors

There are more options than you think! Searching is no longer necessary because we are happy to inspire you with suitable window decoration for your (garden) door or sliding door. Relief for your home!


Tip: Vertical Blinds


Vertical Blinds are perfect for any space. These tight slats with an open character give your interior a streamlined look and are ideal for larger windows and expansive facades. This not only makes the living room seem bigger but also longer and higher. There is a wide choice of a rich fabric and color palette, from pastel to neutral tones: these slats, therefore, fit into any interior. 


Do you want to create privacy or enjoy optimal views outside? Vertical blinds, varying in widths from 52 to 127 mm, can be adjusted in minimal steps so that you can control the desired light at any time of the day.

During the day, the sunlight optically shines in as a stripe design; a beautiful play of light that makes the room even more lively. With this system, you control the window coverings via your smartphone, tablet, or via voice control. Also using the Honeycomb window shades for French doors is essential here.


Handy Screens


If you want to make optimal use of your large sliding or garden door and at the same time keep out pollen and insects, an insect screen is the must-have for your interior.


Make the most of the outside air and light by installing a pleated screen door. The mesh of this insect screen is not rolled up in use but folded so that you make the most use of the view.


Plissé Shades and Duette Shades


Two collections that have many similarities, but also show differences, are the Plissé Shades and the Duette Shades.


Both are very suitable for patio doors due to their fresh and playful look. The semi-transparent Plissé Shades, which have a single fold, radiate airiness and are therefore ideal for spaces such as the living room, dining room, or kitchen. In this brand, you can go for the Honeycomb window shades for French doors now.

Elegant Silhouette Shades


You create serene, soft filtered light with Silhouette Shades. They offer privacy, provide natural light, and these window coverings are also available with the smart control system Power View Motorization.

Silhouette ® Shades are a great alternative to curtains because of the light-friendly and translucent fabrics. Tilt the louvers to let in more or less light, while the brightest light is filtered out.


A Country Atmosphere with Wooden Blinds


Are you looking for a warm look for your patio doors? Then go for the natural elements of wooden blinds, which bring in the beauty of nature.


The collection consists of hardwood and modern imitation wood for a beautiful look and high durability. It is also possible to have your unique color made, in addition to popular trend colors such as Scandinavian blank wood, ocher yellow, and deep black. The Honeycomb window shades for French doors stand out as the best.