House Plants Those Are Easier To Grow

A touch of green is welcome in every house and when people live in a place which is full of dirt and pollution, keeping a house plant is always a good idea.

However not every plant is suitable to grow healthy in the Indian climate and that too indoors. So, when is looking for online plants for sale, these are the plants they can keep and grow at home:

Areca Palm

This leafy plant can be grown anywhere inside the house because it does not need direct sun light to grow. This plant can grow as high as 30 feet outdoors but if it is grown indoors then they have a restricted growth up to 7 feet. One can put them in a small container and they also clear the toxic air inside the house. This can work effectively as a humidifier and one has to water it at a regular interval.

English Ivy

It can help to reduce the air borne faecal matter particles if kept at home. This plant brings in light in the house and makes the room look fresh. One has to take special care when watering it. This plant cannot survive standing water and so one must see if the soil is dry enough that one should water it.

 Aloe Vera

This plant is said to be very useful because it is used as a succulent in many medicines, beauty products and even in health drinks. They like to be warm and dry and so one has to water it only when the soil is totally dry. The best spot where one keeps the plant is near the sunny window. One has to water it every 2- 3 days and wait for the roots to settle.

Indian Basil

This is popularly known as Tulsi and this needs almost no maintenance when grown in the house. This plant has a lot of medicinal properties and so it is kind of beneficial to keep them at home. This can improve the air quality indoors and one has to place the plant near the sunny window. This needs watering on a regular basis to thrive.


It is a plant which does not need direct sun light to grow. This plant can be controlled to grow when they are indoors. One has to keep the soil moist but not soggy. If the plants turn yellow, then one has to water them better.

Ladies’ Slipper Orchid

This can bring some aesthetic vibe to the house and make a dull corner bright. They have slipper shaped flowers and they bloom in between two leaves. Special care is needed when watering the plant. One has to water it at least once a week and should not be directly exposed to the sun light.

Spider Plant

The name of the plant is because of its unique shaped leaves. This grows well in a well drained soil and the soil should not be soggy.

One can order plants online and keep them inside the house.