How And Why Is GRC-Material Used Often In Construction Industry?

GRC material is widely used today in the construction industry. It is considered the latest and innovative building material. It is widely used for all types of indoor and outdoor construction needs. The material in itself is a composite type.

This is an added advantage. It is a mix of quality concrete material with fibre, quality adhesive and polymer. You can search for GRC Dome Manufacturer in UAE if you need to construct a dome in your home.

  • The material offers strength that is equivalent to steel material
  • It keeps the concrete structure intact
  • It is the best material for conventional use 

Salient properties

The most important property of GRC is that it is highly flexible. This makes it an ideal choice for use within the construction industry. It is best for use in areas where you may need a thin layer of concrete material. You can look around for the best Gypsum decor works in Dubai online.

The material is also light in weight. Thus it is highly supportive. You can shape it in many ways. You can prepare the mix in unlimited colours as well. The material is also identified for its unique texture. 

Production techniques

For construction industries, it is important that the material can be prepared using different techniques. This is one of the advantages that you get when using GRC material. It is easy to prepare this mix using different types of techniques.

It can be used in the form of premix and spray mix as well. This is one of the reasons GRC decoration in Dubai contractors widely makes use of this material in the construction industry. 

Best cladding option

Cladding is an important technique that is widely applicable within different construction areas. GRC is the right material choice. It is widely used as cladding and exterior façade material. This means that the material is the best choice for restoration and new construction works.

The material when used in creating panels will always be light in weight. The material can easily be sprayed directly on the sheet or the mold. 

Design flexibility

The convenience to use any material as a spray mix will also enable you to create any possible design. This makes it more functional. You can make use of any premix processing technique and then use it as a spray mix.

So within the décor services, the material can be used for ornamental purposes. It can be created into any possible shape, which is not possible when using ordinary concrete material. 

Wide applications

Unlike concrete, GRC offers a wide application area. It is highly used in all types of exterior and Interior Decor Works in Dubai. You can use this material as planters, door and window surroundings, cornices, column covers, dome, fire-place and countertops.

The above mentioned are only a few selected areas where GRC application is common. You may also find this material being widely used to create building exteriors. 


One most important benefit of using GRC is that it is much lighter in weight. It is a better option as compared to concrete. Being lightweight, the material can easily be used in places where using concrete is not possible.

As compared to traditional Portland concrete, GRC is at least 70 per cent lightweight. This is why it is considered the best alternative to be used on counter tops and other foundations. 


The material offers with best durability and strength. The material offers with high weight to strength ratio which is equivalent to around 4000 psi.

This feature also makes the material more durable as compared to concrete material. You can hire the best GRC contracting Dubai services for all types of outdoor and indoor GRC works. 


If you are already using GRC then it eliminates the need to use any other type of reinforcement material. GRC will withstand the entire load. It is also easy to be shaped into any complex structure.

So in a place where concrete is not easy to use, GRC will always be the best option. The material will withstand all types of vibrations as well. If you want to use GRC material then you do not have to consider using expensive equipment.

Using simple mixing techniques the material mix can be prepared. It is easy to pour or spray. It offers with best face coat as compared to concrete.