For the overall growth and development of children, iron is normally an essential mineral for babies. Therefore, it is recommended you take the iron in the proper amount. When children avoid taking the required amount of minerals naturally through food items like vegetables and fruits, then supplements are the only ideal option to complete the deficiency. Red blood cells contain haemoglobin and it is the iron content in the blood that carries oxygen to all the parts of the body therefore it is an essential mineral for the body. 

Liquid Iron

If your child has an iron deficiency and there are certain symptoms like pale skin, slow weight gain, irritability, and no appetite then there is a need for the supplements to take to complete the iron content and nutrients in the body. Here are the various types of iron supplements for babies which you can give to your child under the supervision of a doctor:

  •  Liquid drops: The best way to give your child much-needed iron supplements is through liquid drops. As giving it by pills can be harmful if it get stuck in the windpipe or food pipe. The bottle has a dropper which when pressed releases the iron supplement in the form of liquid. The dropper is needed to dispense the liquid directly in the mouth of your child.
  • Chewables: Iron supplements for babies also come in the form of chewable. A wide range of different branded chewables is available in the market which contains various vitamins. These chewable are easy to intake and are sweet in flavour. Generally, the dose of iron is kept low in the chewables.
  • Powder: If your baby is not comfortable with liquid drops or chewables, you can opt for powdered iron supplements. One can mix the powder into the water or milk or any eatable so that your child can easily have the right amount of iron and also without knowing. Make sure to buy those powder iron supplements for babies which do not contain any artificial dyes and are organic.
  • Gummies: There are various ways to intake iron for children and one if such way is through gummies. Most children prefer to have gummies that are sweetened in the taste just like candies. So gummies are made in that way that it tastes good, do not have any artificial color and can provide enough dose of iron to a child.
  • Syrups: Syrups are in the form of liquid and keeping in mind that these are particularly for babies, the taste is often good. You can take out the correct amount of dose of the iron syrup into the spoon and then just give it to your child. Also, be aware of the harmful adulterated syrups present in the market.

The reasons, why it is necessary to give iron supplements to babies are as follows:

  • Anemia: Anemia is a condition when the body has a deficiency of iron. If your baby is facing the problem of anemia, then your children might need something extra like iron supplements along with natural foods.
  • Great immune system and development: The body of the children requires some minimum amount of iron so that they can have a strong immune system leading to good health and there is no hindrance in the growth and development of their body.
  • To make haemoglobin: Haemoglobin is present in the red blood cells of one’s body. The function of haemoglobin is to transfer oxygen to the cells of the body. One needs a specific dose of iron in their body to make haemoglobin.
  • Healthy skin, nails, and hair: A child’s body needs iron supplements to keep their skin, nails, and hair healthy. Iron helps the enzyme system to produce collagen and elastin which are responsible for the healthy skin and shiny hair. 

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For the overall growth of the child, it is important to take the proper iron nutrients. Breastfeed is helpful to complete the iron content of the body for the first 6 months. According to the recommendations of the doctor, you can choose to use any type of iron supplement for babies as the above are mentioned. But in the end, make sure there is no deficiency of iron content in the body.