How can agencies compete with the tech giants for talent?

In today’s competitive technology marketplace, it’s unsurprising that all companies are looking for any sort of edge over their rivals. However, with the rise of gen X workers who aren’t simply motivated by more pay and better perks, it’s harder to make a business more appealing than the next one over. This is why many tech giants are starting to look at alternative talent pools for their next innovations, and big corporations such as Microsoft have started realizing the enormous untapped potential of autistic computer programmers can bring to their products and services. These tech giants have more resources than the best talent and tech agency Vancouver has to offer, so the challenge to these agencies is how to compete for autistic talent.

Benefits of Neurodiverse Employment

To think about how small talent management agencies can take on the big tech agencies for workers, it’s important to understand some of the incredible benefits that autistic employees bring to the workplace:

  • Data driven – autistic workers are often very detail oriented which makes them excellent data analysts. They frequently have higher abilities to see patterns in complex data sets which helps them act as technology systems analysts and program debuggers. This attention to data is couple with a different world view, and many tech companies who hire autistic workers make use of this out of the box thinking model to help innovate new products, services and systems.
  • High levels of concentration – a hallmark trait of many autistic technology specialists is a high level of focus on a specific task, and when a company manages to match a task or role with the interests of their autistic employee, their productivity levels can go through the roof.
  • Simplified communication – many autistic workers struggle with abstract and nuanced linguistic tools like sarcasm, metaphors and idioms as they tend to understand the world in very concrete and literal ways. This forces their employees to adapt the way in which all staff communicate with their autistic peers, and in turn these linguistic habits become the norm across the company. This dramatically reduces the amount of miscommunication and gossip which in turn directly results in higher staff morale and better productivity.

There are many other reasons why tech companies both large and small are turning to autistic workers to drive their businesses forward including increased levels of empathy and a move towards calmer and less over stimulating working environments.

The Benefits of An Agency

Knowing the positive impacts that an autistic worker can bring to a technology driven company lays out the problems facing both agencies and their tech giant rivals. For agencies, when they find autistic adults with the potential for high tech skills, they know that the promise of work with a known tech giant could prove irresistible. However, for tech giants, local autism talent placement agencies offer benefits that they just can’t match:

  • Local knowledge – while tech giants often have locations in major cities, and increasingly are able to offer remote working options, a talent and tech agency in Vancouver will know all of the local tech driven businesses to link up to. This means that they will be able to find a better match for the autistic job seekers’ career goals and personal interests rather than forcing them into the tech giant’s employment model happymandarin.
  • Personalized expertise – autism employment agencies are staffed by experts in autism and are often smaller scale in size. This means that each autistic job seeker who teams up with the agency will get truly personalized expertise on how and where to get a job. This will also include support once the job has started which is something the tech giants will struggle to offer.
  • Holistic training – there is a lot more to employing an autistic worker than just having an inclusive hiring process and on the job support. For many, there are a whole series of life skills that they need support with to even get them to the building on time. Local autistic talent management agencies will provide this holistic life skills training as part of their initial job readiness package which will set their autistic workers up for long term success.

It’s clear to see that while the tech giants can offer autistic workers a variety of pay packages and benefits options, their hiring processes will only pick out the cream of the crop, and they lack the personalized and local touch that the best talent and tech agency Vancouver has to offer can bring.