How Can Engineered Packaging Lower Cost And Enhance Value?

All brands who are selling a physical product need the packaging to keep them packed until the consumer receives it. The kind of product you are selling does not matter as it can be a cellphone, vintage posters, toys, clothes, or even an automobile par you just need material to pack it in.

Making your way through a go-to shelf kind of box is not going to give you a cutting edge over other products. You need to become creative with your packaging design to stand differently on shelves to attract buyers’ eyes. If you use a standard mailer box for packaging, they will not be enough. You require the services of custom mailer boxes wholesale to pack your items.

Still, in Custom boxes most of the products face different challenges like

  • Overprotective
  • Half-empty
  • Heavy
  • Makeup too much space

To solve all these problems, there is a single solution. And it is value-engineered packaging. It means that you design the packaging box according to the size and shape of the product. This way, you will not only pack your item safely but also save material.

Valued Engineered Packaging Need

With numerous types of packaging to choose from, why is an engineered packaging approach? Why has it been discovered? It is one of the best packaging solutions that cover up less ground with more items and save money.

Valued engineered packaging will provide the following advantages to the seller.

  • Less costly against another packaging
  • More Security of the product
  • Performance of Cushioning during travel
  • Sustainability provided to the product.
  • Increase the efficiency of your fulfillment process.

What Characteristics Made Engineered Packaging Better

Multiple characteristics make engineered packaging way better than standard packaging. The following characteristics make it a great tool to add value to your products and a marketing strategy.

  • Physical appearance
  • Graphical representation of the product
  • Best way to promote branding
  • Supply chain logistics
  • better infrastructure

Sustainability of Engineered Packaging

Sustainability is one of the most common features that play a great part in the importance of engineered packaging. If there is no sustainability, all these custom packaging boxes have no meaning of existence.

The sustainability of packaging makes it more practical, and that is the only reason every company is trying to come up with a better solution. You do not even need to buy expensive materials to make your packaging more sustainable. Even the cardboard packaging, if engineered properly, can provide you with all the sustainability you need.

It Is Not Just A Box It Is Your Brand Image

Everyone can use ordinary packaging boxes, and that is the only reason they have fewer sales. A product with unique engineered boxing will not just appeal to the customer but also help your brand get remembered faster. You can shape it in any way you want and provide it with a unique look that can make your branding prominent.

You can also design its graphics as creatively as you can. Your packaging should have all the details about the product. And if it needs to be assembled, then instruction as well.

Reduced Use

Less is more. Packaging specially designed for your product should not be more than necessary. No area is too large, no edge is too long, and all interior space is used. Every square inch of packaging has a use. At the other end of the chain, your customers are dealing with even less packaging. Even though this packaging is completely biodegradable, it is better to use less green packaging.

Less Use of Carbon

The fewer raw materials you use, the fewer emissions you emit for the manufacture of the packaging and its transport to your warehouse. It also means fewer emissions when delivering goods to your customers.

  • Lower weight
  • Smaller dimensions
  • Less raw materials mean
  • Lower emissions of carbon across the board.

The Complete Unboxing Experiences

It is a statement and a way to let your customers know that they have something special in their hands when they buy this product – because they do. You are going beyond what you can do for no reason other than the fact that you can do it.

This attention to perhaps unimportant details shows that you care about all aspects of your business. Small things like custom packaging experience add up and make big advances in customer loyalty, brand awareness, loyalty, and word of mouth.

Saves A Lot Of Space And Weight

Investing in a larger warehouse or more storage space is not always a wise investment, and it is never cheap. While it might be satisfying to have all of your products on the pallet shelves and perfectly aligned, it is rarely the case. You will always be using more storage space than you think.

But any consumable that can be scaled to the confines of your existing warehouse can help reduce the need for additional storage space.