How Can Numerology Help You Find Out Your Life Purpose?

Did you know that the answer to the biggest question that plagues you, i.e., “what exactly is my life purpose?” can be found with the help of numerology? Numerology states that numbers and our life’s events are closely associated, and hence, numbers can reveal a lot about your life and life purpose.

Let’s find out more.

Numerology- What Is It?

Numerology analyses the numbers to derive more information about an individual or event. Numerology works with the idea that each number has its own vibration and can influence an individual’s life. Numerology can help explain an individual’s motivations, strengths, talents, and weaknesses. It can reveal a person’s personality, behaviour, and emotional reactions to situations. Numerology can offer insight that can help an individual get to know their real potential. Additionally, numerology can help you understand the opportunities you come across in life and help you figure out the right path.

Numerologists also state that there is a close association between numbers and letters, especially the letters in your name. They can reveal a lot about your life and personality. Furthermore, a numerologist can also help you better understand your career prospects in your life. A numerology chart is formulated by a numerologist based on your birth date and your name. This numerology chart determines your Life numerPath Number and can reveal what’s in store for you. To learn what numerology can tell you about yourself, you must get in touch with the best numerologists in India. Nowadays, you can go for online portals like Astroyogi that offer numerology services.

Get to Know the Life Path Number and How to Calculate It

Your Life Path Number can reveal valuable insight about you, like your strengths, weaknesses, talents, potential, ambitions, and life’s purpose. Additionally, the Life Path Number can reveal why certain events occur in your life and why you experience the things you do.

To know what numerology can reveal about you, you need to find out your Life Path Number. To calculate your Life Path Number, analyse your birth date and break down the day, month, and year into a single-digit number. The single-digit number that you finally obtain is your Life Path Number. However, remember that if the number turns out to be 11 or 22, you don’t need to reduce it, as these numbers are Master Numbers and are considered unique.

Given below is an example of how to calculate your Life Path Number.

Take the birth date June 20, 1994. To calculate your Life Path Number, reduce each component to a single digit. The date will be reduced to 2+0= 2, and the month will be 6 as it is already a single-digit number. The year will get reduced to 1+9+9+4= 23. This 23 will further get reduced to 2+3= 5. Now that you have the reduced day, month, and year, add all of them together- 2+6+5= 13. Finally, add 1+3= 4. Your Life Path Number is 4. 

Number Interpretations

Every number reveals something about you and how your life will pan out. Let’s look at the brief explanation of all the Life Path Numbers and what they say about life’s purpose.

Number 1- This number is all about your independence, own will, individuality, and expressing your own creativity. You believe in forging your own path and standing on your own two feet.

Number 2- This number is all about cooperation and balance. A person with this number wants to become a cooperative peacemaker who understands, supports others, and makes efforts to heal others.

Number 3- This number is all about speaking out, socialising, and stepping forward. The life purpose of an individual with this number is to use their artistic, creative, and communicative gifts to uplift others. They are exceptional at uplifting other people.

Number 4- Number 4 is associated with dedication, persistence, and being practical. A person with this number wants to be a dedicated and organised worker who can bring order and stability to their environment.

Number 5- This specific number is associated with finding answers to your life and being free. People associated with this number want to become free adventurers whose desire is to experience and learn from those experiences.

Number 6- Number 6 is related to compassion and empathy for others. The life purpose of people with Number 6 as their Life Path Number is to become a caregiver who stands up and supports others and the community willingly.

Number 7- The life purpose of people associated with this number is to become a ‘contemplative truth seeker’. These individuals are reflective, and they like to delve deep and uncover their spiritual truth.

Number 8- This number is all about being focused, determined, and having strength. The life purpose of the individuals linked with this number is to become an empowered person like a politician or business leader who can guide others.

Number 9- This number is all about being passionate and compassionate. The life purpose of the people related to this number is to become a compassionate humanitarian who works to make the world a better place for everyone.

This was just a brief explanation of what your Life Path Number can reveal about your life’s purpose. Discovering your Life Path Number with numerology helps you understand who you are. It represents your traits and tendencies towards your work and life. Once you get to know your Life Path Number, you get a more profound sense of yourself and better comprehend your life. Every Life Path Number has a vibration, and when you get aware of the number and its vibration, you can start to live the life that you are meant to live. Therefore, opt for a numerology services provider like Astroyogi and get connected with experienced numerologists.

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